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                             (二) (中考•武汉) 

        Maria Vas and her dog walked down the hall of the nursing home and stopped in front of the old lady with a nurse at her side.“Would she like to s (1) my dog?”Maria asked.

       “No,a visit won't h (2) her,”said the nurse. Then she e (3) that the lady was too sick to appreciate visitors.

        But Maria decided to try anyway. She had done research on animal assisting therapy (辅助疗法) for 10 years. And she was very successful in this a (4) . She'd seen even the sickest patients enjoy a visit from a lovely dog.

        Maria carried the dog over to the old lady. Immediately,the woman r (5) out toward the dog!She was so p (6) that she began smiling and trying to talk. The nurse stood aside,w (7) them in amazement. This woman had never communicated with anyone. It was like she wasnH even a (8) until the dog came to visit.

        Around the world sick adults and c (9) fill lonely hospital rooms. They may have an illness or need to be c (10) for. A dog's friendly eyes and warm paws (爪子) may be just what the doctor ordered to en- courage them and help them heal (治愈) .


1. see   2. help   3. explained   4. area   5. reached

6. pleased   7. watching   8. alive   9. children   10. cared

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                         (六) (2015 •宜昌) 

         Sometimes I really doubt whether there is love between my parents. Every day they are very 1 trying to make money in order to 2 the high tuition (学费) for my brother and me. I never hear them say “I love you”,or see them send birthday 3 to each other. My father has a bad temper (脾气) .When he's very tired from work,it is 4 for him to lose his temper.

         One day,my mother was preparing dinner. I sat down 5  her.

        “ Mom,I have a question to ask you ,” I said after a while.

        “What?” she replied,6 doing her work.

        “Is there love between you and Dad?” I asked her in a very low 7 .        

         My mother stopped her work and 8 her head with surprise in her eyes. She didn't answer and went on cooking.

         I was very worried 9 I thought I had hurt her. I didn't know what I should do.

        A few days later,my father suddenly got sick 10 .My mother had to stay with him in the 11 for a month. After they were back,every day in the morning and dusk (黄昏) ,my mother helped my father walk slowly on the country road. My father had never been so 12 It seemed they were the most harmonious (和谐的) 13 .

        “ Dad,how are you 14 now?” I asked him one day.

        “Susan,don't worry about me. To tell you the truth,I just like walking with your mom. I 15 this kind of life. ^Reading his eyes,I knew he loves my mother deeply.

() 1. A. busy   B. alone   C. early   D. fast

() 2. A. give   B. receive   C. cost   D. pay

() 3. A. show   B. presents   C. fruit   D. jokes

() 4. A. active   B. painful   C. easy   D. funny

() 5. A. among   B. across   C. above   D. beside

() 6. A. hardly   B. really   C. still   D. already

() 7. A. direction   B. voice   C. condition   D. sound

() 8. A. raised   B. fell   C. shook   D. nodded

() 9. A. because   B. though   C. while   D. unless

() 10. A. sadly   B. shortly   C. quickly   D. seriously

() 11. A. home   B. hospital   C. trouble   D. holiday

() 12. A. smart   B. happy   C. strong   D. brave

() 13. A. visitor   B. farmer   C. couple   D. friend

() 14. A. travelling   B. living   C. resting   D. feeling

() 15. A. enjoy   B. remember   C. wait   D. regret


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        My teachers thought I was the worse student. My family also had the s (1) thought as my teachers.

        When I was going to give up my studying,a new teacher,Miss White came to our school. She was young, beautiful and knowledgeable.

        One day I was sitting a (2) in my seat,Miss White came up to me and talked to me happily. Soon the

s (3) on her face swept away my unhappiness.

       “Do you think I can go to college?” I didn't know why I asked such a q (4) . I thought she must say “no”,because everyone e (5) said so. But she said,u Dear,you can do what you want. Just try,and you'll get c (6) to success. I believe you are the best! ”

        I was touched d (7) by her words. I decid- ed to study hard. From then on,we became good friends. She often helped me with my study in her f (8) time.

        In the end I did well in my studies and went to a good college. Miss White is an angel (天使) . Her words have kept me g (9) forward. She helps me to see that I am special and can be successful in life.

        Do you have problems learning your 1 (10) ? If so,follow my example,never give up,little by little,youll make it. Remember as a saying says,“N (11) is too difficult if you put your heart into it.”


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                                (六) (中考•随州) 

        How can you think in English? I think the best way is to practice as what a football player does every day. During the practice,the football players pass the ball to his teammates over and over again,so they won't have to think about passing the ball in the game,they will just do it. You can train yourself to think in English in this way. The first step is to think of the words that you use daily,simple everyday words like book,shoe or tree. For example,whenever you see a“book”you should think of it in English ① in your mother language.②After you have learned to think of words in English,you'd better 舁o on to the next step—thinking; of sentences in English.

        ③听是学英语的一个非常有用的方法。Listen first and don9!care too much about whether you fully understand what yo re hearing. Try to say what you hear as much as possible. The more you listen,the better you learn. After you reach a higher level,start having conversations with yourself in English. This will lead you to think in English.

1. 在①句的空白处分别填入适当的词,使句意完整,上下文通顺。


2. 将②句译成中文。


3. 将③句译成英文。


4. 在文中找出与“If you listen more,you'll leam better. ”意思相近的句子。


5. 在文中找出最能表达文章大意的句子。



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69. I went to school on foot yesterday.(改为一般疑问句)

 you to school on foot yesterday?


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                           (六) (2015 •孝感) 

      On May 23 ,Shenzhen introduced tough new rules in order to discourage the Chinese style of crossing the road .“ Chinese people cross roads without thinking about traffic lights,so long as they are part of a crowd,”said a post on Sina Weibo.

        A CCTV news program showed that in only an hour,more than 600 people jumped red lights when crossing a road in Shijiazhuang,Hebei.

        Many people say that they jaywalk (乱穿马路) because the red light lasts too long. Such an opinion is supported by a research team at Tongji University. The team did research on people's waiting time at different road crossings for three years. They found that Chinese people would wait for 70 to 90 seconds (秒) before they lost their patience. “People are likely to ignore (忽视) the light when the waiting time is longer than they can bear ,” said Ni Ying,a member of the research team.

        However,a survey on Sina Weibo suggests that people jaywalk mainly because they ignore rules. “I always obey traffic rules. Time is important but safety should come first ,” someone wrote on his Weibo.

        Many countries give out punishments to jaywalkers. In Singapore, the maximum can be three months in prison. Some Chinese cities have started taking some actions,too. For example,the first three people in a jaywalking group will be fined 50 yuan in Shijiazhuang.

        But calling on people to respect rules is more important. To completely solve the problem,everyone should realize the importance of obeying the traffic rules.

() 1. Which of the following is the u Chinese style of crossing the road”?

   A. To cross a road slowly.

   B. To follow the basic traffic rules.

   C. To wait for the traffic light to turn green.

   D. To cross roads without looking at traffic lights.

() 2. What does the phrase “The team” in Paragraph 3 refer to?

   A. A CCTV news program.

   B. A research group at Tongji University.

   C. A post on Sina Weibo.

   D. A daily newspaper.

() 3. How long will Chinese people wait to cross the road before they lose patience?

   A. About five minutes.

   B. Less than one minute.

   C. Less than one and a half minutes.

   D. More than ten minutes.

() 4. Why do people jaywalk according to the survey on Sina Weibo?

   A. Because people don't pay much attention to rules.

   B. Because there are too many people on the road.

   C. Because the red light lasts too long.

   D. Because people have less patience.

() 5. The writer suggests that we should to solve the problem of jaywalking.

   A. punish the jaywalkers

   B. reduce (减少) the time of red lights

   C. ignore the traffic rules

   D. call on people to obey the traffic rules


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                                 (十三) (中考•宜昌) 

        It is the happiest thing to go to the nursing home. A group of five sit at a table in the main room,happily waiting for us. They make our volunteer work worthwhile (值得的) . But it can also be the saddest, or at least,it used to. One day we knocked on the door of Room 9. There was no answer,so we walked in to see if she was sleeping. There was just a note on the table. “Greta went to the doctor. ” The next month when we came to the nursing home,Greta wasn’t on our list. When we walked by her room,I looked at the closed door with sadness. Back in the car,Sara and I were quiet.

        After going to the nursing home,we go to an apartment building. The lady is hardly ever in when we drop off her meal. One day when we buzzed (按门铃) her apartment we got no answer. The door was locked,so we knocked. Luckily,a woman saw us as we were going to give up.

       “We're here for Mary”Sara said to her.

       “Use the buzzer. ”

       “She didn't answer. We have her meal. ”

       “Oh ,”the lady said ,“just set it in her room. ”

        So we dropped off her meal. The next house was new on our list and we had trouble finding it. When we called out,nobody answered. I was never more scared in my life. When you call out for an old woman and donH get an answer,you only think one thing: she's dead. Sara and I shouted a few more times. Just then an old man was comingtowardus. “I didn't know you were here,”heex-plained. He wasn't dead!And the “she” we thought the meal was for was really a “he”.

() 1. What is the writer and Sara's job?

   A. Looking after old people in the nursing home.

   B. Cooking delicious food and sending it to old people.

   C. Taking meals to old people as volunteers.

   D. Collecting information of different old people.

() 2. Why does the writer describe going to the nurs- ing home as the happiest thing?

   A. They can see the old people happily waiting for them.

   B. It is convenient for them to take the meals to the right people.

   C. It takes them a shorter time to finish their work.

   D. They can do their work better for the old people.

() 3. Which of the following is true about Greta?

   A. She was the oldest woman living in Room 9.

   B. Her death made the writer and Sara very sad.

   C. Her door was never locked when falling a-sleep.

   D. She died in the hospital of the nursing home.

() 4. What do you think can describe Mary?

   A. She never answers the buzzer.

   B. She lives alone and her neighbors don't know who she is.

   C. She leaves her key in her neighbors 9 room.

   D. She is often out at the meal time.

() 5. What came to the writer's mind when she got no answer?

   A. She mistook a man for a woman.

   B. Something dangerous would happen.

   C. The old woman might have died already.

   D. She had to wait until someone came for the meal.


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() 6. —2015 is an El Nino (厄尔尼诺) year.

Many places may be short of water. Being a student,I want to do something,but I wonder .

—Oh,you can do some small things such as turning off the tap while brushing teeth.

   A. what I am supposed to do

   B. how should I protect our home

   C. why it can cause such bad weather (1〜6 2015山西)


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() 32. Hurry up!The plane will at six o’clock.

   A. put off   B. take off

   C. get off