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     As a famous American writer,Mark Twain,once said ,“Everybody talks about weather,but nobody 1 anything about it. It is true that everybody talks about the weather. Many people 2 their talks by saying ,“Isn’t it a nice 3 ?” “Do you think it will rain?” “I think it's going to snow. ”

     A large number of people think they can tell 4 the weather is going to be like. However,they 5 ever agree with each other. One man may say, “Do you see how cloudy it is in the east? It’t going to rain tomorrow.Another man 6 say, “Yes,it’s cloudy in the east We are going to have fine weather tomorrow.”

     People often look for the weather they want. When a farmer needs water,he looks for something to tell him it's going to rain and he won’t believe 7 else. When friends have a picnic,they are so 8 the weather is going to be fine that they sit 9 their lunch while it is raining.

     Almost everyone listens to what the weatherman says. But he doesn't always tell us what we want and sometimes he makes a 10 . Still,he is right most of the time.

() 1. A. plans   B. changes   C. does   D. wants

() 2. A. begins   B. ends   C. makes   D. agrees

() 3. A. day   B. weather   C. thing   D. hour

() 4. A. how   B. when   C. where   D. what

() 5. A. never   B. sometimes   C. often   D. hardly

() 6. A. will   B. would   C. can   D. may

() 7. A. something   B. anything   C. everything   D. nothing

() 8. A. active   B. heavy   C. sure   D. glad

() 9. A. cooking   B. eating   C. preparing   D. buying

() 10. A. decision   B. dream   C. wish   D. mistake



1. C根据句意:每天人们都在谈论天气,但没有人对天气做一些行动。这里符合句意的答案为   C.

2. A天气是人们开始交谈的话题,“开始”用begin ,因此答案为A.

3. A根据上文可知这里应是day ,因此答案为A.

4. D天气怎么样?用固定搭配What's the weather like?因此答案为   D.

5. D由上文however可知,人们几乎不同意,因此选   D.

6. D这里表可能性不大用may ,因此答案为   D.

7. B有了前面的天气思维定势后就不会再相信其他的任何天气情况,任何事用   B.

8. C根据上句,人们对天气是如此的确信从而导致下句坐在雨中吃午饭的结果。

9. B这里用eating作伴随状语,因此答案为   B.

10. D根据上文这里应是天气预报有时也会出错,固定搭配,因此正确答案为   D.

题目来源:2016年启东中学作业本英语专项训练英语3阅读理解和完形填空 > Week 7 Seasons 季节


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:


      A It was a bright Saturday morning. I stopped at a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the morning newspaper. Suddenly,I felt a hand on the back of my jacket and heard someone say, “Hey Steve!How are you doing?”

      Looking back,I saw a young man. He looked familiar,but I couldn’t remember where we had met.

     The young man also had a cup of coffee,so I asked him to join me. Very soon,his story began to thaw out my memory.

     Five years earlier,Johnson was traveling home late on a February night. A heavy snow had arrived that afternoon,and by midnight,the snowdrifts (雪堆) were getting deep. His car was stuck (陷人) in a snowdrift just down the road from my house.

     He walked to my house for help. I helped him pull his car out of the snowdrift and up to the street where the snow had been cleaned away.

     This was a normal happening here during the winter. I couldn’t count the times someone has helped me to pull my car from a snowdrift. However,it was an unforgettable experience for him. He was only eighteen at that time,and he said he was very afraid. No one wants to be stuck in a snowdrift all night.

     Sometimes,one simple kindness at the right moment can change the direction of a life. So,be kind and helpful.

() 1. Where did Steve meet Johnson for the first time?

   A. At a cafe. B. At Steve's house. C. At a bus station. D. On a street.

() 2. The underlined phrase “thaw out ” in Paragraph 3 means “ ” in Chinese.

   A. 打断   B. 扰乱    C. 增强   D. 唤起

() 3. Johnson asked Steve for help one night because .

   A. he lost his way home   B. his friend was injured

   C. he was caught in a heavy snow   D. his car broke down on the way

() 4. According to Steve,helping Johnson was .

   A. a normal thing   B. a strange thing

   C. an unusual behavior   D. an unforgettable experience

() 5. The writer's purpose of writing the passage is to tell us .

   A. friendship is very important   B. even a simple kindness matters

   C. meeting an old friend is a pleasure   D. it is better not to drive in a snowy night


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:


    One day Bob took two of his friends into the mountains. They put up their tents and then rode off to a forest to see how the trees were growing.

     In the afternoon when they were about ten kilometres away from their camp,it started to snow. More and more snow fell. Soon,Bob could hardly see his hands before his face. He could not find the road. Bob knew there were two roads. One road went to the camp,and the other went to his house. But all was white snow. Everything was the same. How could he take his friends back to the camp?

     Bob had an idea. The horses!Let the horses take them back!But what would happen if the horses took the road to his house? That would be a trip of thirty-five kilometres in such cold weather!It was getting late. They rode on and on. At last the horses stopped. Where were they? None of them could tell. Bob looked around. What was that under the tree? It was one of their tents!

() 1. Bob and his two friends went to the forest to .

   A. build their camp

   B. find their way home

   C. enjoy the mountains in the snow

   D. watch the trees in the forest

() 2. They could not find their way back because .

   A. there was only one road to their camp R they couldn^ decide which of the two roads went to their tents

   C. there were no roads in the mountains at all

   D. the white snow covered everything

() 3. It is clear that they wanted the horses to take them to .

   A. Bob's house   B. the camp

   C. the forest   D. the mountains

() 4. The story happened .

   A. on a cold winter day

   B. on a dark snowy morning

   C. in a cold camp far from villages

   D. at night when there was no moonlight


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:


Dear Mr. President,

      I am doing a project at school about animals in danger these days. I think the situation all over the w 1 is really bad. I am writing to you to s 2 what China should do to help protect animals.

      I feel so s 3 for the giant panda It's one of the most p 4 animals in the world and a real symbol of China We learned that pandas m 5 live on bamboo,and that a panda can e 6 half its body weight of bamboo in 24 hours!That's a lot of bamboo. I think we should try to do m 7 to stop cutting down their forests. Pandas are a 8 rare animals and it would be so sad if they became extinct forever.

     If we protect these b 9 animals in China,more people may wish to visit China to see them. They could be an important tourist attraction.

     I hope you will e 10 more people to think about such an important subject.

                                               Sincerely yours,

                                                   Huang Jing

1.  2.

3.  4.

5.  6.

7.  8.

9.  10.


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:


      We often talk about the weather.Here are some passages about the weather.Lets read them together.

      Passage l:Is it hot or cold,cool or warm? It always goes up and dovun. When the sun comes up,it warms the air and the temperature will go up. When nights come,the air will get cooler and the temperature will fall.

      Passage 2: We can't see it,but we can feel it. It can move the air. When it comes,we can see the branches of trees are moving. Do you like flying kites? It can carry your kite high in the sky. It can also blow your hat off.

      Passage 3: The rain is falling all around. It falls on fields and trees. It rains on the umbrellas here and on the ships at sea.

      Passage 4: We often see it in winter. It looks white and many people like it a lot. When it comes,the ground will put on her white clothes. And children are especially happy then,because they can make snowmen.

() 1. When ,we know it's windy.

   A. the ground is white

   B. the branches are moving

   C. a poet writes a poem

   D. the air gets cooler

() 2. Which one do you think may be the best title for Passage 3 ?

   A. Taking your umbrella. B. Ships at sea.

   C. Falling on fields and trees. D. The rain.

() 3. Why are children happy when it snows?

   A. Because they can make snowmen.

   B. Because they can stay at home.

   C. Because they don't need to go to school.

   D. Because they feel very cold.


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:


      On a hot summer holiday,a little boy decided to go for a swim in the lake behind his house. He j 1 into the water,not realizing a crocodile was swimming towards him. In the house,his mother was looking out of the w 2 . She saw the animal getting closer to h 3 son. She ran to the water,shouting as 1 4as possible to her son. Hearing her v 5 ,the little boy made a U-turn to his mother. It was too 1 6 .The crocodile reached him just a 7  the boy reached his mother. The mother held her little boy by his arm as the crocodile bit his legs. The crocodile was much stronger t 8  the mother. But the mother never gave up. L 9,a farmer happened to drive by,heard their calling for h 10 ,and shot the animal. The little boy was saved. Mother never let her child go when he was in danger.

1.   2. 

3.  4. 

5.  6. 

7.  8. 

9.   10. 


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:

     Another weekend is coming. My classmates are talking about hi to spend it. Some of them are going to have a good sleep and g 2 up late.Some are going to watch TV. Some are going to enjoy t 3 in the park. 

     I usually s 4 weekends at home doing my homework or reading some books. Sometimes I watch TV or play computer games. But this weekend,I have my o5 plan. On Saturday morning,I m  going to practice English more? b 6 there will be an English test next week. I want to do b 7 in the test,so I must get ready for it. Til watch the news report in the evening. I like watching news because I can know what’s h 8 around the world. On Sunday,I will go to s9  my grandmother with my parents. She was i 10 last week. We want to know if she is better now.

     Maybe I'll be very busy but I think I'll be very happy,too.

1.  2.

3.  4.

5.  6.

7.  8.

9.  10.


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:

    Just look at how much young writers like Han Han and Guo Jingming are loved,we may know writing has become a fashion among today’s teenagers.

    Gao Can,a 13-year-old girl,is the y 1 member of the Association of Writers of Shanxi. She writes fairy tales,short s 2,and most of all,poems. Gao said she began poem writing when she was in primary school. Once the teacher asked the class to w 3 a composition called “If I were. ..”,Gao had an idea, “Why not make it a poem?” That was her f 4 poem,and it won a lot of compliments from both her teacher and classmates. So far,hundreds of her poems have c 5 out.

    “Writing poems is not difficult at all. Just express y 6 —what you do,what you see or what you think ,” said Gao. “I don't have enough life experience,so I write about nature,about things I feel inside. ”

     However,teenagers these days seldom write poems or read them because exams want any kind of articles e 7 poems.

      But like Gao,there are still students who like poems. Hu Jingzhi is one of them. The 14-year-old boy said he was i 8 in poem writing. But it was annoying that he couldn,t find poem collections in nearby bookshops.

      Gao agreed with Hu. She said today's bookshops were f 9 with books on “how to give a successful speech”,“how to know what others think” or “how to make money q 10

     “Poems won’t teach you how to make money,but the beautiful words clear your mind and activate your imagination,” said Gao, “at least read poems一for the nice things in life. ”

1.  2.

3.  4.

5.  6.

7.  8.

9.  10.


科目:初中英语 来源: 题型:

      The aim of students who come to school is to study. But to study requires a right way? or you waste either the time or the money. The following are the ways of studying.

      The best time for reading is morning,because in the morning,the air is fresh and the mind is clear. For that reason,we can get good result.

      In studying we must have patience. If we have not known a text well,we must read it again. We should not read the next one till we have learned the first one.

      When we are studying,we must put our hearts into the book,or we can get nothing from the book while we are reading.

      We must always ask “whys”. If we don't understand something well,write it down and ask our teachers or our parents,or friends. In any possible way,we must know it completely and what weVe learned can be used well and made better.

      Though there are many ways for studying,yet the above mentioned will be quite enough if we can keep them in heart and do so.


1. What does to study require?

2. Why should we read in the morning?

3. What must we have in studying?

4. Who should we ask if it is not well understood?

5. How many ways did the passage mention?