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阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容.(1个单词) 或括号内 单词wi确

    It was a trip I will never forget. We felt very happy as we got on the bus. After we took our seats and put 21 seat belts,our teacher announced we 22 (set) out right now. We would go on 23 trip to a wildlife park.

    The tour round the park was fascinating because we saw animals wc had only seen in books before,such as zebras 24 elephants. 25 was brilliant to see them in real life.

    However,just after we had entered the part 26 monkeys lived,the bus had a flat tyre (没气了) . While we,27 (wait) for the driver to change the,wheel,a whole group of monkeys came over to the bus and started climbing all over it. We had never seen such a cool thing before and felt very 28 (excite) but a little nervous. But the monkeys were very friendly and didn’t attack US. We had to say goodbye to them 29 (final) when the driver managed 30 (change) the wheel and continued the tour. Though it was just part of our trip,it was very memorable

21. on。考查介词。put on seat belts为习惯搭配,意为“系好安全带”。

22. would seto考查时态。结合语境可知,老师宣I 布我们马上就要出发了,故设空处要用过去将来时。

23. a。考查冠词。设空处表示泛指,指“某一个”,因为trip以辅音音节开头,故填a。

24. and。考查连词。such as后列举的名词为并列成分,故填and。

25. It。考查代词。设空处为形式主语,真正的主语为其后的不定式短语,故填It。

26. where。考查关系副词。设空处引导定语从句,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

27. were waiting/ waited。考查时态。由语境可知,空处在分句表示“我们在等待司机换I 轮胎期间”,故此处可用过去进行时,也可用一 过去时进行描述。

28. excited。考查词性转换。设空处作表语,且表 示人“感到兴奋的”,故填excited。

29. finally。考查词性转换。设空处作状语修饰谓 语,故填副词finally。

30. to change。考查非谓语动词。manage to do sth为习惯用法,意为“设法做成某事”

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增加:缺词处加一个漏词符号(∧) ,并在其下面写出修改后的词。

删除: 把多余的词用斜线( \ )掉。


注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起) 不计分。

    One day our English teacher asked US to list other classmate1’s names on a piece of paper.Then we are told to write down the nicest thing we could think of about each name. It took US 40 minutes finish fhe task. Before we had left the classroom,we handed out the papers. Then the teacher listed how everyone else had said about a same person. Two days after,she gave each student his or her list. After read the lists,the entire class became excited. UI didn't know others liked me so much”. I said to me when I read my list.

39. A
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         A  ★★★

    Teachers from Matthew Jago elementary school in Sewaren,New Jersey,took a group of students in the school's (自闭症) classes to Jose Tejas Restaurant on May 6 ,in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day.

    The 21 teachers and 26 children enjoyed a good meal. When it came time to pay the bill,the manager told them it had already been paid for by another diner. “We couldn’t believe it. We were all speechless the moment we heard the news,” said Jeannette Gruskowski,one of the teachers.

    The meal was supposed to be paid for by the teachers and the children's parents,and the group was impressed by the kindness of the complete stranger. The manager told US that she’s a grandparent of a child with special needs,” Gruskowski explained. And she was so touched by US being there with the kids on Teacher Appreciation Day.”

    The woman chose to remain anonymous. The teachers were told that the woman frequently visited the restaurant,so the group put together a heartfelt thank-you card in the hope that it would reach her.

    “we don’t know who you are. There are no words to express how grateful we are to you,” read the card. “Your act of generosity will forever remain in our hearts."

    Greg,manager at Jose Tejas., confirmed that the card was given to the anonymous woman. He said that she was very appreciative,but still insisted on anonymity.

    Gruskowski and the other teachers also sent a note to the kids’ families to let them know what had happened. “The parents were deeply touched,” she said.

1. Why was the group of children taken to the restaurant?

   A. To make new friends.

   B. To celebrate a special day.

    C. To help waiters in the restaurant.

   D. To make a meal for their teachers.

2. How did the teachers and students feel on hearing the manager's words?

   A. Surprised. B. Proud,

    C. Doubtful. D. Concerned.

3. The underlined word “anonymous” in Paragraph 4 can best be replaced by .

   A. calm   B. friendly

    C. nameless   D. selfless

4. What did the kids do after the dinner?

   A. They paid a visit to the woman.

   B. They made cards for their family,

    C. They repaid money to the woman.

   D. They expressed their thanks to the woman. 

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D
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        B  ★★★★☆

    Americans gone super!Super-sized,that is. New Yorker Morgan Spurlock tells the truth about what is really in food and how much fat Americans gain in the new documentary,iSwperszze Me!In America around 75 million people are overweight.

    Morgan Spurlock put the issue of obesity to a test: eating nothing but McDonald's for an entire month. He faced many effects. For example,after the first week,his body fat increased by 5%. After the entire month,he gained 24. 5 pounds. His cholesterol (胆固醇) increased 65 points. He got frequent chest pain,nausea (恶心)depression,headaches,etc. He nearly doubled his risk of heart disease.

    During his experiment,he traveled the country to find out what we,re really eating. He met a man who had eaten 19 ,000 big hamburgers from McDonald,s. He discovered that children knew more about Ronald McDonald than George Washington or Jesus. He tried over ten times to schedule an interview with the head of McDonald's,but didn’t get a reply.

    In the end,I found myself disappointed with the documentary. It wasn 51 the lack of information. In fact,if this was based on information,I’d give it 5 stars. Spurlock didn't let the information speak for itself. If he had,this documentary would have been brilliant. His points were overstated.

    He ended the documentary by saying, “Who do you want to see go first? You? Or them?” I believ? the point he’s trying to make is that eating fast foods will endanger US. But it’ 11 take a lot more than a :hamburger once a month to kill US. Yes,if you eat McDonald's every day,you need to change your :eating habits. But scaring the rest of US into eating i vegan pies every day? No,thank you. r II take my coke super-sized.

5. To make Supersize Me,Spurlock .

   A. traveled around the world

   B. risked his health to do a test 

    C. turned to professional advice

   D. seldom cared about his heart disease

6. The underlined part in Paragraph 3 means that children

   A. often eat junk food

   B. have no religious beliefs

    C. know little about George Washington   

    D. show more interest in business than history

7. Why was the author unsatisfied with Supersize Mel

   A. It lasted too long.

   B. It gave unclear points,

    C. It failed to convince him.

   D. It provided limited information.

8. Which of the following will the author probably agree with?

   A. Hamburgers help people remain healthy.

   B. It is okay to eat fast food sometimes.

    C. It is hard to develop good eating habits.

   D. We should eat more fruit and vegetables.

5.B 6.A 7.C 8.B
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          C  ★★★★★

    Farmers digging a field near Chelsea,Michigan,were surprised to uncover a nearly complete mammoth skeleton The mammoth once lived there about 12 ,000 years ago. The Ice Age bones raise a question about whether people or a changing climate killed the beasts.

    Researcher Dan Fisher is from the University of Michigan. He believes that prehistoric people killed the newly found mammoth,and put what they didn't immediately eat in a freezing lake. Other scientists say they are not certain what killed the creature until the bones are examined for cut marks and other evidence.

    There is little evidence that humans hunted mammoths,says Donald Grayson of the University of Washington. A paper notes that of 76 Ice Age mammal kill sites,only 12 in the whole of North America suggest human hunting. That suggests that over-hunting was not the primary cause of the extinction of the mammoth.

    Climate might have been key to the disaster. As humans were moving onto the continent,the global climate was rapidly changing,moving from cold and dry to warm and wet.

    This changing climate rapidly swept out the cool,dry grasslands that mammoths preferred. Combined with other (生态的) changes,such as the arrival of bison (野牛) from Europe and Asia and forests springing up here grasslands once spread,mammoths were driven out of their former living places. The very last of the mammoths on Wrangel Island off northern Siberia died out about 4 ,000 years ago.

    Extinction is rarely the result of a single cause. Perhaps,as the Chelsea mammoth slowly tells its secrets,it will add a little more to the continuing discussion over life and death during the Ice Age.

9. What do we know about the newly found mammoth skeleton?

    ?. It was found in a freezing lake.

   B. It was discovered by a scientist,

    C. There were cuts on the skeleton.

   D. Most of the skeleton were discovered.

10. The paper mentioned in Paragraph 3 proves that

   A. mammoths were rare in North America

   B. there were 76 mammal kill sites in North America

    C. mammoths were overhunted by prehistorical humans

   D. overhunting was not the leading cause of mammoths’ extinction 

11. Because of the changing climate during the Ice Age, .

   A. mammoths could get more food

   B. mammoths were suffering from habitat loss 

    C. mammoths had to move to cool and dry places   

    D. forests mammoths liked were replaced by grasslands

12. What would be the best title for the text?

   A. What killed these giants

   B. Mammoths and overhunting

    C. The climate change in the Ice Age   

    D. The reason for extinction uncovered 

9. D 10.D 11.B 12.A
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     D ★★★★☆

        A London Bus Tour

    A London Bus Tour is one of the most popular ways to experience London. See the sights from the comfort of your seat as y?u,re driven through the streets of the city.


. 1 day hop on / off ticket

. 3 bus routes around London

. 60 hop on / off tourist stops

. Live English awi/io gwzi/e (语音导游) 一available also in French,German,Spanish,Italian,Chinese,Portuguese and Russian Where to hop on and hop off:

Tower of London 

    The Tower of London is one of London's most important and historic buildings. Hop off here and explore it on a Yeoman Warder tour and learn about the tower's history,dating back to the Norman Conquest.

Westminster Abbey 

    This UNESCO World Heritage Site(世界文化遗产) is a must-visit on your bus tour. Hop off and explore the country's coronation (加冕礼)church since the 11th century and walk down the same path that Kate Middleton did to marry Prince William. Westminster Abbey is also famous as a burial ground for some famous people such as Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens.

Tower Bridge 

    The Tower Bridge is one of the most photographed places in London,so jump off here to enjoy a visit of this old Victorian  bascule  briage(吊 桥) .It is a great attraction if you like engineering and a good view.

Buckingham Palace 

    You can't miss a photo opportunity at Buckingham Palace. Home to the Queen of England,Elizabeth II,this beautiful building is a top London attraction and most importantly,is one of the few working palaces left in the world. Hop off at the Buckingham Palace stop and catch the Changing of the Guard before walking through Green Park.

13. A London Bus Tour .

   A. limits the bus ticket to one day

   B. takes visitors to 60 top sights

    C. leads visitors to experience locals’ life   

    D. offers visitors more than three bus routes

14. The Tower of London once served as .

   A. a wedding location

   B. a place to keep criminals

    C. a symbol of the rich history of London   

    D. a battlefield during the Norman Conquest

15. People who are crazy about engineering are advised to visit .

   A. Tower of London   B. Westminster Abbey

    C. Tower Bridge   D. Buckingham Palace

16. Why is Buckingham Palace a major tourist attraction?

   A. It is still a working palace.

   B. It exhibits many photos for visitors.

    C. It is defended by the most devoted guards.

   D. It is the place where Elizabeth II works now.

13.A 14.B 15.C 16.A
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