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I couldn't be present myself, but I sent my ________ to the meeting.

  1. A.
  2. B.
  3. C.
  4. D.
represent v.代表,描述;
representation n.描述,代表,表示总称,不指某个具体的人。

科目:高中英语 来源:2012-2013学年黑龙江哈尔滨第六中学高二下期中考试英语卷(带解析) 题型:完型填空

The Pecan Thief
When I was six years old, I was visiting my grandfather's farm in Kansas. Grandpa had sent me into the   36  to gather pecans for us to enjoy later.
Pecan picking was really   37  work and my little basket was only half full. I wasn't about to   38  Grandpa down. Just then something caught my   39  . A large brown squirrel was a few feet away.  I watched as he picked up a pecan, hurried to a tree and   40  in a large hole in the trunk. A moment later the squirrel   41  out and climbed down to the ground to pick up another nut. Once again, he took the pecan back to his hiding place.
Not so   42  anymore, I thought. I dashed over to the tree and looked into the hole. It was   43  with pecans! Golden pecans were right there for taking. This was my   44 . Handful by handful, I scooped all of those pecans into my basket. Now it was full! I was so   45  of myself. I couldn't wait to show Grandpa all the pecans.   46 , I ran back and shouted, “Look at all the pecans!” He looked into the basket and said, “Well, well, how did you find so many ? ” I told him how I'd   47  the squirrel and taken the pecans from his hiding place.
Grandpa congratulated me on how smart I'd been in observing the squirrel and his habits. Then he did something that   48  me. He handed the basket back to me and put his arm gently   49  my shoulders.
“That squirrel worked very hard to gather his winter   50  of food, ” he said. “Now that all of his pecans are gone, don't you think that little squirrel will   51  the cold winter? ”
“I didn't think about that,” I said.
“I know, ” Grandpa said. “But a good man should never take   52  of someone else's hard work.”
Suddenly I felt a bit   53 . The image of the starving squirrel wouldn't   54  my mind. There was only one thing I could do. I carried the basket back to the tree and poured all the nuts into the hole.
I didn't eat any pecans that night, but I had something much more filling—the   55  of knowing I had done just the right thing.

A.joinedB.livedC.disappeared D.discovered


科目:高中英语 来源:广东省潮州市实验中学2010届高三下学期4月月考英语试卷 题型:阅读理解

John Steinbeck once said, “All Americans believe they are born fishermen. For a man to admit to a distaste in fishing would be like denouncing (公开指责) mother – love or hating moonlight.”
I can’t say that I’m the biggest John Steinbeck fan. Actually, the only thing I can ever remember reading by him was “The pearl” when I was in middle school, but I couldn’t agree more with the man when it comes to fishing. Whether I am on a boat in the middle of the Lay Lake, fishing off the shores of the Florida Keys for tarpon (大海鲢) or catching rainbow trout (红鲭鱼) in the Shoshone River of Wyoming, fishing is my life.
According to the American Sports Fishing Association, the fishing industry brings in more than $ 116 billion per year from fishermen across the country.
Though a beautiful picture to imagine fishing is much more than that. Fishing is a way of life for many people and a way to escape everyday stress. Being a fisherman makes me a member of a wonderful group of people extending to all walks of life. Even President Bush can be found fishing on his farm in Texas with his good friend Roland Martin when the job gets too stressful.
I can remember fishing with my grandfather when I was 5 years old on his boat at Lake Mitchell. Although I didn’t understand what I doing. I did know that my grandfather was happy and that made me happy. Since then I’ve spent the past 16 years on the rivers and lakes of Alabama.
After days of practice, before and after work, I slowly developed an understanding of fishing. My boss. Ric Horst, took me back to the Shoshone, and I managed to bring in a 19 – inch cutthroat trout. Fishing with Ric was a life – changing experience for me. He not only showed my how to fish correctly, but also told me how fishing could be a way to escape your problems.
Since then, prime – time (黄金时间) season seems to take forever to arrive.
Now, with the ending of February and beginning of March in sight, the excitement of heading out Lake Tuscaloosa or Lake Lurleen before classes and catching something has finally returned.
51.What John Steinbeck said in the first paragraph implies that________.
A.Americans are believed to be the offspring (后代) of fishermen
B.it is unthinkable for an American to admit his dislike of fishing
C.all Americans are expert at fishing
       D.those who dislike fishing would not love their mother
52.The writer came to understand the real meaning of fishing________.
A.when he was reading “The pearl” by John Steinbeck
B.when he went fishing with his grandfather at Lake Mitchell
C.after he had spent 16 years on the rivers and lakes of Alabama
D.after he went fishing with his boss, Ric Horst on the Shoshone
53.What can be inferred from the text?
A.The author is at most 21 years old.
B.The author regards fishing as a very important part in his life.
C.The author agreed with John Steinbeck the most when he was in middle school.
D.President Bush often goes fishing in public in order to collect idea for his job.
54.According to the author, __________.
A.people can get to know VIPs when fishing.
B.people can smooth away all the troubles by fishing
C.Fishing is a way of communication
D.Fishing is a way to make a living for most American people
55.What is the purpose of the writing?
A.To describe the writer’s experience and understanding of fishing.
B.To explain the reason why so many Americans like fishing.
C.To make others understand the industry of fishing.
D.To express his opinions about fishing in different time of the year.


科目:高中英语 来源:2012届安徽省六安市正阳中学高三考前仿真模拟测试英语试卷(带解析) 题型:阅读理解

The most frightening words in the English language are, “Our computer is down.” You hear it more and more when you are on business. The other day I was at the airport waiting for a ticket to Washington and the girl in the ticket office said, “I’m sorry, I can’t sell you a ticket. Our computer is down.”
“If your computer is down, just write me out a ticket.”
“I can’t write you out a ticket. The computer is the only one allowed to do so.”
I looked down on the computer and every passenger was just standing there drinking coffee and staring at the black screen. Then I asked her, “What do all you people do?”
“We give the computer the information about your trip, and then it tells us whether you can fly with us or not.”
“So when it goes down, you go down with it.”
“That’s good, sir.”
“How long will the computer be down?” I wanted to know.
“I have no idea. Sometimes it’s down for 10 minutes, sometimes for two hours. There’s no way we can find out without asking the computer, and since it’s down it won’t answer us.”
After the girl told me they had no backup(备用) computer, I said. “Let’s forget the computer. What about your planes? They’re still flying, aren’t they?”
“I couldn’t tell without asking the computer.”
“Maybe I could just go to the gate and ask the pilot if he’s flying to Washington, ” I suggested.
“I wouldn’t know what gate to send you to. Even if the pilot was going to Washington, he couldn’t take you if you didn’t have a ticket.”
“Is there any other airline flying to Washington within the next few hours?”
“I wouldn’t know, ” she said, pointing at the dark screen. “Only ‘IT’ knows. ‘It’ can’t tell me.”
By this time there were quite a few people standing in lines. The word soon spread to other travelers that the computer was down. Some people went white, some people started to cry and still others kicked their luggage.
【小题1】The best title for the article is _______.

A.When the Computer Is Down
B.The Most Frightening Words
C.The Computer of the Airport
D.Asking the Computer
【小题2】What could the girl in the ticket office do for the passengers without asking the computer?
A.She could sell a ticket.
B.She could write out a ticket.
C.She could answer the passengers’ questions.
D.She could do nothing.
【小题3】Why do you think they had not a backup computer?
A.Because it was easy down
B.Because it was very expensive.
C.Because it was not advanced enough.
D.Because it was not as big as the main computer.
【小题4】The last paragraph suggests that _______.
A.a modern computer won’t be down.
B.computers can take the place of humans
C.sometimes a computer may bring suffering to people
D.there will be great changes in computers


科目:高中英语 来源:2010年高考英语试题分类汇编——故事类阅读理解 题型:阅读理解

Goldie's Secret
She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall. No way could I have sent her away. No way, not me anyway. Maybe someone had kicked her out of their car the night before. "We're moving house.'; "No space for her any more with the baby coming." "We never really wanted her, but what could we have done? She was a present." People find all sorts of excuses for abandoning an animal. And she was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.
I called her Goldie. If I had known what was going to happen I would have given
her a more creative name. She was so unsettled during those first few days. She hardly ate anything and had such an air of sadness about her. There was nothing I could do to make her happy, it seemed. Heaven knows what had happened to her at her previous owner's. But eventually at the end of the first week she calmed down. Always by my side, whether we were out on one of our long walks or sitting by the fire.
That's why it was such a shock when she pulled away from me one day when we were out for a walk. We were a long way from home, when she started barking and getting very restless. Eventually I couldn't hold her any longer and she raced off down the road towards a farmhouse in the distance as fast as she could.
By the time I reached the farm I was very tired and upset with Goldie. But when I saw her licking (舔) the four puppies (幼犬) I started to feel sympathy towards them. "We didn't know what had happened to her," said the woman at the door. "I took her for a walk one day, soon after the puppies were born, and she just disappeared." "She must have tried to come back to them and got lost," added a boy from behind her. '
I must admit I do miss Goldie, but I've got Nugget now, and she looks just like her mother. And I've learnt a good lesson: not to judge people.
1. How did the author feel about Goldie when Goldie came to the house?
A. Shocked.          B. Sympathetic.    C. Annoyed.      D. Upset.
2. In her first few days at the author's house, Goldie____________.
AI felt worried                          B. was angry
C. ate a little                            D. sat by the fire
3. Goldie rushed off to a farmhouse one day because she       .
A. saw her puppies                      B. heard familiar barkings
C. wanted to leave the author              D. found her way to her old home
4. The passage is organized in order of____________.
A. time             B. effectiveness    C. importance     D. complexity


科目:高中英语 来源:2011-2012学年福建省龙岩一中高二第四学段(期末)考试英语试卷(带解析) 题型:阅读理解

I stood outside New York's Madison Square Garden and just stared, almost speechless. I was a farm boy from County Kilkenny, a child who some thought would never walk, let alone go as far as I had in the world.
From the day I was born, there was a problem. The doctors at the Dublin hospital told my parents I had phocomelia, a deformity that affected both legs below the knee, which were outward and shorter than normal and each foot had just three toes.
Life was tough. I couldn't stand, much less walk. I rarely, left the farmhouse---and then only in someone's arms. Mam bundled me up whenever she took me to town, no matter the season.
“The world will see him when he can walk,” she told Dad. “And he will walk.”
Mam devoted herself to helping me. She tried everything to get me on my feet. When I was three, she and Dad took me to a clinic in Dublin.
A few weeks later we returned to Dublin with my artificial limbs (肢). Back home I practiced walking with my new limbs.
“There's nothing anyone can do but you can't,” Mam said. “You and I are going to walk through town.”
The next day Mam dressed me in my finest clothes. She wore a summer dress and fixed her hair and makeup. Dad drove us to the church. We stepped out of the car. Mam took my hand. “Hold your head up high, now, Ronan,” she said.
We walked 300 meters to the post office. It was the farthest I'd walked, and I was sweating from the effort. Then we left the post office and continued down the street, Mam's eyes shining with a mother's pride.
That night, back on our farm, I lay exhausted on my bed. It meant nothing, though, compared to what I'd done on my walk.
Then I began to pursue my dream of singing. And at every step Mam's words came back to me—Ronan, you can do anything anyone else can do—and the faith she had in God, who would help me do it.
I've sung from the grandest stages in Europe, to music played by the world's finest musicians. That night, I stood at the Madison Square Garden, with Mam's words chiming in my ears. Then I began singing. I couldn't feel the pulse of the music in my feet, but I felt it deep in my heart, the same place where Mam's promise lived.
【小题1】What was the problem with the author as a baby?

A.He was expected unable to walk.
B.He was born outward in character.
C.He had a problem with listening.
D.He was shorter than a normal baby.
【小题2】The underlined word “deformity” in the second paragraph most probably means _______.
【小题3】Why did Mam dress him and herself in finest clothes?
A.To hide their depressed feeling.
B.To indicate it an unusual day.
C.To show off their clothes.
D.To celebrate his successful operation.
【小题4】From the story we may conclude that his mother was _______.
【小题5】According to the writer, what mattered most in his success?
A.His consistent effort.B.His talent for music.
C.His countless failures.D.His mother's promise.