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Many of us hold on to little resentment(怨恨) that may come from an argument, a misunderstanding or some other painful events.Stubbornly, we wait for someone else to reach out to us—   1     this is the only way we can forgive or   2     a friendship or family relationship

An acquaintance of mine, whose health isn’t very good, recently told me that she hadn’t spoken to her son in almost three years.“Why not?” I asked.She said that she and her son had a(n)   3     about his wife and that she wouldn’t speak to him again   4    he called first.When I suggested that she be the one to reach out, she   5    at the beginning and said, “I can’t do that.He’s the one who should apologize.” She was truly   6    to die before reaching out to her only son first.After a little gentle   7   , however, she did decide to be the first one to reach out.To her amazement, her son was grateful for her willingness to call and   8    an apology of his own.

As is usually the case, when someone takes the chance and reaches out, everyone wins.Whenever we hold on to our anger, we turn “small stuff” into really “big stuff” in our minds.We start to believe that our   9    are more important than our happiness.However, if you want to be a more peaceful person, you must understand that being right is almost never more important than   10    yourself to be happy.The way to be happy is to let go and reach out.Let other people be right.This doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.Everything will be fine.You’ll experience the peace of letting go, as well as the joy of letting others be right.You’ll also notice that, as you reach out and let others be “right”, they will become less defensive and more loving toward you.

1.A.believing               B.doubting              C.questioning          D.wondering

2.A.make                    B.correct                C.keep                   D.decide

3.A.discussion             B.agreement            C.disagreement       D.fight

4.A.when                    B.if only                 C.after                   D.unless

5.A.accepted               B.agreed                 C.apologized           D.refused

6.A.willing                  B.hurrying              C.unwilling             D.glad

7.A.sleep                     B.encouragement     C.movement           D.satisfaction

8.A.accepted               B.offered                C.refused               D.lent

9.A.decisions               B.friends                C.positions             D.relatives

10.A.letting                 B.permitting            C.enjoying              D.allowing

1-5 ACCDD      6-10 ABBCD


科目:高中英语 来源: 题型:阅读理解

This is the age of being busy. Many of us live in busy places and have busy lives. Even the roads are busy as we try to get from here to there. Adults are busy going to jobs and taking care of their families. Kids are busy, too, going to school and doing a lot of homework after school and on weekends.

  Busy isn’t bad, necessarily. If you are not busy enough you might be bored. But if you are too busy, you might break down. For example, if you have a soccer game that runs late on a school night and you haven’t eaten dinner or done your homework, that’s a not-so-fun kind of busy. We wanted to know what kids thought, so we did a kidsPoll about being busy with 882girls and boys aged 9 to 13.

   Almost all of them said they felt stressed because they were too busy. About half said they felt this way once in a while or some of the time. But 17% said they felt this way most of the time and 24% said they felt this all the time! Oh dear, that’s no fun.

  Only 4% of kids said they wanted less free time and 18% said they already had just the right amount. But, no big surprise, 61% of kids wish they had a lot more free time. If they had more time, most would spend it hanging out or playing with friends.

 Often, adults plan large parts of a kid ’s day, especially during the school year. kids can’t tell their parents they’ll be skipping school(逃学) today to get more free time! But they can tell their parents they’d like to play a game or read a book during their free time instead of watching TV.

The purpose of the first paragraph is to _____.

A. Introduce the topic

B. Support the main idea

C. Raise the topic sentence

D. Attract the readers’ attention

By giving the example of a late soccer game, the writer intends to tell us______.

A. Being too busy is bad for the kids

B. It is no fun to be busy for the kids

C. Homework should go before gam.

D. Being busy may cause the kids to feel bored

According to the passage, the KidsPoll is done to carry out research on _____.

A. How kids arrange their free time

B. What kids think of being busy

C. How many kids felt stressed

D. What kids do with their study

From the passage, we can infer that the writer agrees kids can_____.

A. Spend their free time hanging or playing out

B. Get a lot more free time from their parents

C. Have a right amount of free time with permission

D. Get more free time from school work sometimes


科目:高中英语 来源:2010年浙江省金华一中高一上学期期中考试英语卷 题型:填空题

Dear teacher,
Let me tell you why I have got so many deductions (扣分) for the last four weeks. Sometimes I got up lately. In order not to be late for class, I did everything in hurry. So I often forgot to put all my roommates’ shoes under their bed. As a rule, we should do a general cleaning in Monday afternoon, but I don’t know. Of course I did not go back to the room to do some cleaning. What a shame! What’s the worse, nobody came to help me when I in trouble. I think they are too selfish.
By the way, many of us are always saying the dormitory administrator (寝管员) is too strict with us. As a matter of fact, I have never met such a cruel person. But maybe, she is right. I promise that I would do well than before in the future.


科目:高中英语 来源:2013-2014学年高考二轮复习训练:专题7 并列句与状语从句英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

It’s a great sunny dayso it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather.Many of us would like tobut we have projects duetasks that need to be donepeople that we need to seeand money that needs to be made.

What if your company gave you that time off as compensation for the great effort that you gave to the team to finish a project on timeSeewhen it comes to teamworkthe main focus is for the team to work together.In a “winning” team there is an equal balance of people who have unique strengths and weaknesses.

Take the example of the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s.Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to play the gamebut did they win a championship every year when Michael had playedNo.It took a (D?type) Michael Jordan to lead the team and control the outcome.It took a(n) (I?type) wild and energetic Dennis Rodman to keep the team fun and interesting.It took (S?types) Scottie PippinBill Cartwrightand John Paxson to support the team.And it took the (C?type) analytical mind of Coach Phil Jackson to create a foundation for the players to play on.In the end theythe Chicago Bullswere able to win six championships within eight years.

What is your team made up ofAll JordansAll JacksonsAll RodmansOr all PippinsCartwrights and PaxsonsIt is you who can choose who’s on your team.Try finding the right people for the right joband you will have a “winning” team every time!

1.We can infer from the first paragraph that________.

Awe need to finish the task

Bwe are eager to make more money

Cwe are all very busy every day

Dwe often go out and enjoy the fine weather

2.The underlined word “compensation” in the second paragraph means “________”

Areward? Bpresent

Cmoney? Dduty

3.According to this passagea winning team is made up of________.

Aa group of people who are tall and strong

Ba group of people who don’t have weaknesses

Ca group of people who don’t quarrel with each other

Da group of people whose strengths and weaknesses can get to balance

4.What would be the best title for this passage?

AWorking Is Happy

BThe Story of the Chicago Bulls

CGood Choice

DWorking Together for a Team



科目:高中英语 来源:2016届江西省景德镇市高一上学期期末质检英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

A good friend of mine lives about one hour away. I called her last week and found out that she wasn’t doing well at work, which would make the following year a little more difficult. After hanging up the phone, I decided to offer to help her, but I couldn’t think of what to do. However, opportunities come themselves when you’re not even looking for.

A few days later, some friends and I happened to be eating desserts at a restaurant in her city. As we were looking at the menu, I turned to my friends and asked them if they wanted to join in a game. After explaining the idea, they decided to take 15 minutes to make someone’s day. We ordered an extra dessert, wrote a note, added a smile card and were off. However, there was one problem: I had no idea where she was.

Therefore, it was time to rely on the network. I called up a friend and got him to call her to see what she was doing and found out that she was at work.

We drove to her work place and one of my friends became the delivery(投递)person.He went in to look for my friend, found her, didn’t really answer her questions and walked out, saying he’s simply a delivery person.

He ran out quickly and I bent down as we drove by to make sure she didn’t follow him out. Afterwards, all of us had this huge smile on our faces. We felt as if we had just planned a surprise party or something.

A simple opportunity turned into a moment that many of us can now share.

1.Why is the following year a little more difficult for the author’s friend?

A. Because she lives too far away from work. 

B. Because she was out of work.

C. Because she didn’t do well at work.    

D. Because she failed a test.

2.In Paragraph 2, the underlined phrases “make someone’s day” probably means “make someone________”.

A. satisfied      B. busy            C. sad    D. happy

3.The author got to know where her friend was by________.

A. asking her friend herself by phone     

B. asking another friend to call her

C. asking what she was doing directly      

D. asking her friend herself on the Internet

4.When given the dessert, the author’s friend________.

A. refused the offer                    B. knew the entire thing

C. asked some questions                    D. followed the delivery person out

5.The author and her friends might feel________at last.

A. joyful          B. thankful            C. pitiful        D. fearful



科目:高中英语 来源:2014届天津市高三上学期第一次月考英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

Holidays are really important. Many of us will have childhood memories of summer holidays where we were taken away from home to experience new environments and learn in different ways.

But holidays are expensive and, for those on low wages or living on benefits, they are often unobtainable. Even the cheapest holidays require travel and other additional costs that are difficult for many families to meet.

For working parents, the long summer break can be a very difficult problem for childcare. When an annual leave allowance amounts to only five weeks, there is a need to spread this across the year. Couples can find themselves taking leave in turn in order to care for children who are on holiday. For some, this makes even an affordable family holiday difficult.

The schools that I visit in Nottingham are full of experienced staff committed to giving our children a caring and inspiring learning environment. The number of children receiving free school meals is quite large in Nottingham and many schools have breakfast clubs to make sure that children get a healthy start to the day. Most schools undertake programs of group or individual educational support. Schools also have an important role in sofeguaiding children's welfare through the ongoing touch and support with their pupils. During the long summer holidays, much of this is missed.

While teachers are holidaying in the UK, many of their pupils spend the whole six weeks on the street where they live. The lack of free school meals for six weeks can result in pressure on a family budget and an inability to afford the inspiring experiences that help children to continue their learning.

In setting out its plans for a five-term year, Nottingham City Council (委员会)is seeking to reduce the summer holiday down lo four and a half weeks, with a more balanced five terms of roughly eight weeks, each followed by a two-week break. We believe this will give real “down time" for school staff and pupils alike but will be short enough not to cause a real break in learning.

We acknowledge that this change may be difficult for some school staff, particularly whose own children are educated in other authorities. However, this must be weighed against the benefits for city children for whom we all have the greatest duty of care.

1.The passage is probably written by      .

A. an experienced teacher        B. a city council member

C. an inspired student        D. a working parent

2.The underlined word "they" in the second paragraph refers to "       ’.

A. environments        B. wages   C. holidays         D. benefits

3.It is suggested in the passage that the summer break be reduced to       .

A. 2 weeks         B. 6 weeks         C. 5 weeks         D. 4.5 weeks

4.The plans for a shorter summer holiday will help students_____    .

A.      obtain the cheapest holidays without additional costs

B.      get a chance to spend six weeks a term with teachers in school

C.      have more school days to receive free school meals

D.      benefit more from the caring and inspiring learning environment

5.It can be inferred from the passage that          _______.

A.      some school staff will say “ No" to the plans for a shorter summer holiday

B.      the suggested plans for a five-term school year can hardly be carried out

C.      the long summer holiday gives teachers and students real "down time"

D.      working parents can enjoy a five-week break to care for their children