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    Confucius (551—497 BC) was a thinker,educator,and founder of the Ru School for Chinese thought.

    He was a well-known leader in philosophy and he also made many wise phrases and theories about the law,life,and the government that helped many people learn about nature,the world,and human beings.

Confucius's social philosophy largely centres around the concept of ‘‘ ren ”,which is “ loving others ” and

    ‘‘ honouring one's parents”. Those who have developed “ren” are “simple in manner and slow of speech”. For Confucius,such concern for others is proved through the practice of the Golden Rule :u What you do not wish for yourself,do not do to others. ”

    Confucius thinks a good ruler is to have “de” or  virtuewhich allows one to win peopled support without using any force and keep good order in his state without troubling himself,and that a ruler should rule his people by his own example and treat them with love and concern.

     A characteristic of Confucius's thoughts is his emphasis (强调) on education and study. u A good teacher is someone who knows well the ways of the past and the practices of the ancients ” and he also thinks “ He who leams but does not think is lost. He who thinks biit does not learn is in great danger”.

    Confucius did not write down the principles of his philosophy;these were handed down only through his students. a book compiled (编撰) by some of his students,is considered the most dependable source of information about his life and teachings. One of the historical works that he is said to have compiled and edited,The Spring and Autumn Annals,is describing Chinese history in the state of Lu from 722 BC to 481 B C.

     Since Confucius teachings and philosophy was so advanced,it was the education for China for 2 ,000 years. It is called Confucianism.

36. The passage mainly discusses.

   A. Confucius and his great thoughts

   B. the life of Confucius

   C. Confucius's influence on students

   D. Confucius's teaching methods

37. Confucius's philosophical thinking can help people know about all the following EXCEPT .

   A. humans   B. nature

   C. the world   D. the sun

38. Which of the following expresses Confucius’ s  educational idea?

   A. What you do not wish for yourself,do not do to others.

   B. Learning and thinking should go hand in hand.

   C. “Loving others ”and “honouring one's parents”.

   D. A ruler should love and care about his people.

39. According to the passage,which of the following is NOT true?

   A. Confucius was founder of the Ru School of Chinese thought.

   B. The Spring and Autumn Annals is a historical book.

   C. Confucius has a great effect on Chinese society.

   D. Lun Yu is a book compiled by Confucius.

40. We can infer from the passage that a teacher should be a person who .

   A. is old and experienced enough

   B. leams but doesn’t think

   C. does things according to good old ways

   D. thinks a lot but doesn’t learn

36. A解析:主旨大意题文章的第三段主 要讨论的是孔子的社会哲学;第四段谈论 的是他的政治哲学:第五段是他的教育观 点。所以A符合题意。

37. D解析:细节理解题。根据第二段的后半部分“ helped many people leam about nature,the world,and human beings. ”可知没有提到D项。

38. B解析:细节理解题。

A、C都反映了他 的社会观,D反映了他的政治观,从第五段 可以看出B反映了他的教育观^故选   B.

39. D解析:细节判断题。从首段可知A表 述正确。从倒数第二段可知B表述正确。 从最后一段可知C表述正确。而从倒数第 二段的 “ A. a book compiled by some of his students.可知D与文意不符,故 选D 

40. C解析:推理判断题。.从倒数第三段中 的“ ‘ A good teacher is someone who knows well the ways of the past and the practices of the ancients’ ”可知孔子认为老师应该是一 个熟悉过去并且身体力行的人,因此选 C.

题目来源:2016年周测月考直通高考高中英语必修3外研版 > 周测月考卷6 Module 5综合测试


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     Holidays are really important. Many of us will have childhood memories of summer holidays where we were taken away from home to experience new environments and learn in different ways.

    But holidays are expensive and,for those on low wages or living on benefits,they are often unobtainable. Even the cheapest holidays require travel and other additional costs that are difficult for many families to meet.

     For working parents,the long summer break can be a very difficult problem for childcare. When an annual leave allowance amounts to only five weeks,there is a need to spread this across the year. Couples can find themselves taking leave in turn in order to care for children who are on holiday. For some,this makes even an affordable family holiday difficult.

    The schools that I visit in Nottingham are full of experienced staff committed to giving our children a caring and inspiring learning environment. The number of children receiving free school meals is quite large in Nottingham and many schools have breakfast clubs to make sure that children get a healthy start to the day. Most schools undertake programmes of group or individual educational support. Schools also have an important role in safeguarding children's welfare through the ongoing touch and support with their pupils. During the long summer holidays,much of this is missed.

   While teachers are holidaying in the UK,many of their pupils spend the whole six weeks on the street where they live. The lack of free school meals for six weeks can result in pressure on a family budget and an inability to afford the inspiring experiences that help children to continue their learning.

In setting out its plans for a five-term year,Nottingham City Council ( seeking to reduce the sum- mer holiday down to four and a half weeks,with a more balanced five terms of roughly eight weeks,each followed by a two-week break. We believe this will give real down time” for school staff and pupils alike but will be short enough not to cause a real break in learning.

   We acknowledge that this change may be difficult for some school staff,particularly whose own children are educated in other authorities. However,this must be weighed against the benefits for city children for whom we all have the greatest duty of care.

46. The passage is probably written by .

   A. an experienced teacher

   B. a working parent

   C. an inspired student

   D. a city council member

47. The underlined word “they” in the second paragraph refers to “

   A. environments   B. holidays

   C. wages   D. benefits

48. It is suggested in the passage that the summer break be reduced to.

   A. 2 weeks   B. 4. 5 weeks

   C. 5 weeks   D. 6 weeks 

49. The plans for a shorter summer holiday will help students .

   A. obtain the cheapest holidays without additional costs

   B. get a chance to spend six weeks a term with teachers in school

   C. benefit more from the caring and inspiring learning environment

   D. have more school days to receive free schcx>l meals

50. It can be inferred from the passage that .

   A. working parents can enjoy a five-week break to care for their children

   B. the suggested plans for a five-term school year can hardly be carried out

   C. the long summer holiday gives teachers and students real “down time”

   D. some school staff will say “No” to the plans for a shorter summer holiday


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10. (2014 •德州高一检测) —What about going out for a walk after supper?

. Shall we ask Betty to go with us?

   A. I couldn’t agree more

   B. I don't think so

   C. It's a matter of habit

   D. That's right 


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5. (2014 •哈尔滨高一检测) After ten years,he as manager and we had to find another man for his position.

   A. worked   B. returned

   C. resigned   D. began


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12. You can only be sure of you have at present;you cannot be sure of something you might get in the future.

   A. that;what   B. what; /

   C. which;that   D. /; that 


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如今,许多学生都使用电子词典。请你根据下表 提示写一篇英语短文,谈谈使用电子词典的利与弊


1. 一些解释不完

1. 小巧便携;


2. 查询快捷;

2. 过多使用电子

3. 功能齐全。




2. 词数:120 -150.

3. 参考词汇:便携的portable;功能function


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7. The new apartment built a few months ago is large enough to over two hundred people.

   A. contain   B. provide

   C. reside   D. accommodate


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    Since 2005,the number of Internet users worldwide has doubled to more than one and a half billion. At least two billion are expected to be online by the end of this I year. The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) says more than 70% of new Internet users this year will be in developing countries. However,only 21% of the population of the developing world is online—compared to 71% in developed countries.

    There are still very huge divides when it comes to I connecting to the Internet. In developing countries,there are only one out of five people using the Internet. In Africa,only 10% of the population is using the Internet-Less than 16% of homes in developing countries are con- nected to the Internet. But,on the other hand,mobile phone usage has reached 68% in developing countries. The world has almost seven billion people. Nine out I of ten are connected to mobile networks. Most of them are in the developing world. More and more people in developing countries are using their mobile phones to con-I nect to the Internet.

    Mobile technology is already improving lives in developing countries. People can bank by phone,enjoy e-health services and so on. And people can enjoy more as broadband (宽带) ,or high-peed connections become more widely available.

     ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure believes broadband is the most powerful tool available in the race to meet the Development Goals by 2015.

61. From the first paragraph,we can learn that .

   A. Internet users will double at the end of this year

   B. there were one and a half billion Internet users in 2005

   C. people in developed countries are losing interest in the Internet

   D. more and more people in developing countries are using the Internet

62. According to the passage,around billion people are linked by mobile network"

   A. 7   B. 6   C. 4   D. 2

63. The mobile networks in developing countries

   A. are cheaper than those in developed countries—

   B. are developing slowly

   C. are widely used now

   D. are better than those in developed countries

64. The text mainly tells us that.

   A. tjie Internet is playing an important role in people's lives

   B. the most powerful tool for communication is the mobile phone

   C. the number of Internet users is increasing fast

   D. mobile technology has improved lives in developing countries

65. Which section of a magazine may the article appear in?

   A. Science & Technology.    B. Business.

   C. Education.           D. Entertainment.


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4. Buildings such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill two thousand four hundred years ago.

   A. are built   B. were built

   C. built   D. was built