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Teaching assistant

Hours: Part time

Salary : £11.12p/h

 A teaching assistant is needed to start on 3rd August 2013. He or she will provide the students and teachers with appropriate support in the classroom. Secondary school experience preferred.

 For further details please telephone Mrs. Caryl Lewis, Headteacher on 736524 or email her at cl@ recruitment.com.

Lunchtime assistant

Hours: Part time

Salary: £9.28p/h

   We’re looking for someone to assist with the lunchtime routine, take care of pre-school children at meantimes, and get the room ready for afternoon activities.

   Anybody interested in this position please call Joanne Walton on 734229 or email her at stmarks@lapetiteecole.com.

Days per week: 5(Monday-Friday)

Working hours: 10:30am-2pm

Food section manager

Hours: Full time

Salary: Negotiable

   Marks and Spencer needs a food section manager to start immediately. The ideal candidate must have experience within the food business, excellent communication and organisational skills coupled with the ability to manage the staff. Duties will include responsibilities for opening and closing the store, and providing the customers with up-to-date knowledge of products and services, Benefits include staff discount card.

   You can contact Linda Hodgson by sending an email to lindahodgson@sandpiperci.com.

Shop assistant

Hours: Part time

Salary: Negotiable

   The ideal candidate must have excellent customer service skills, be friendly and outgoing and have an eye for detail.

   Previous experience is an advantage, however, full training will be provided. Able to work as a member of a team. Must be able to speak and understand English.

   You can apply for this position by emailing Sue Milroy at paris@jacksclothing.com.

   Days per week: 5(Monday to Saturday with one day off during the week)

69. If you want to work in a nursery, you should contact ______.

  A. Linda Hodgson      B. Caryl Lewis     C. Joanne Walton    D. Sue Milroy

70. Marks and Spencer is looking for a person who ______.

  A. has secondary school experience      B. can manage the staff members

  C. can develop new products           D. has an eye for detail

71. Which of the following position will offer training classes?

  A. Food section manager.           B. Lunchtime assistant

  C. Teaching assistant.              D. Shop assistant.


科目:高中英语 来源: 题型:阅读理解

Every country had its heroes. The heroes are the people that nation and especially the young peo??ple 21_____ . If you get a list of the 22   _____of a nation, it will tell you the potential (潜力)of the nation.

If today in America ’ you ask the high school students to list their heroes their 23____ would prob??ably divide into three groups. rHie first group of heroes would be the rock stars—the people 24 _____with rock music. There is no doubt that such people do have talent (天才)but one 25_____ if one should hold up rock stars as model. The rock stars too often are mixed with drugs and their personal life isnot all that — 26 ____  . The rock stars are rich and wear the latest fashion styles (时装).However oneshould 27 _____more in a hero than such things as 28______ and fine clothes.

A second type of heroes for the American youth are sports stars. Again you have a person who has a great talent in one area_ 29 _____. However, too often the personal life of the sports star is a bit 30_____. Too frequently drugs and drinking are a part of 31_____ of the sports stars.

A third group of heroes are TV or movie stars. These people may have lots of 32___ ,tal??ent and are quite handsome. However ’ the personal life of too many actors is quite sad and should not be held up as a 33____  for young people.

Today,the rock stars,the sportsmen  and the actors 34____ have become the models of the youth in America. Really,do you hear a young person say that his 35____ is a doctor, a teacher or a scientist? These people are not 36____ and do not wear fashionable clothes. However, they are 37____ people who work hard to make the world a better place for everyone.

What is really sad is that the young try to 38____ their heroes. They like to wear the same clothes as theirs, if the heroes of today for the American youth are 39 ____only to rock stars, sportsmen and actors, the future does not look too 40_____ .





C. hate







C. teachers







C. answer







C. excited







C. wonders







C. silent







C. put


be after





C. food







C. movie







C. happy




科目:高中英语 来源: 题型:阅读理解

Britons Learn to Forgive

       LEEDS, England ─ A Leeds University psychology (心理学) professor is teaching a course to help dozens of Britons forgive their enemies.

       “The hatred we hold within us is a cancer,” Professor Ken Hart said, adding that holding in anger can lead to problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

       More than 70 people have become members in Hart’s first 20-week workshop in London ─ a course he says is the first of its kind in the world.

       These are people who are sick and tired of living with a memory.They realize their bitterness is a poison they think they can pour out, but they end up drinking it themselves, said Canadian-born Hart.

       The students meet in groups of eight to ten for a two-hour workshop with an adviser every fortnight.

       The course, ending in July, is expected to get rid of the cancer of hatred in these people.“People have lots of negative attitudes towards forgiveness,” he said, “People confuse forgiveness with forgetting.Forgiveness means changing from a negative attitude to a positive one.”

       Hart and his team have created instructions to provide the training needed.

       “The main idea is to give you guidelines on how to look at various kinds of angers and how they affect you, and how to change your attitudes towards the person you are angry with,” said Norman Claringbull, a senior expert on the forgiveness project.

       Hart said he believes forgiveness is a skill that can be taught, as these people “want to get free of the past”.

From this passage we know that _________.

       A.high blood pressure and heart disease are caused by hatred

       B.high blood pressure can only be cured by psychology professors

       C.without hatred, people will have less trouble connected with blood pressure and heart

       D.people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease must have many enemies

In Hart’s first 20-week workshop, people there can ________.

       A.meet their enemies              B.change their attitudes towards bitterness

       C.enjoy the professor’s speech       D.learn how to quarrel with others

If you are a member in Hart’s workshop, you’ll ________.

       A.pay much money to Hart          B.go to the workshop every night

       C.attend a gathering twice a month   D.pour out everything stored in your mind

The author wrote this passage in order to ________.

       A.persuade us to go to Hart’s workshop

       B.tell us the news about Hart’s workshop

       C.tell us how to run a workshop like Hart’s       

       D.help us to look at various kinds of angers


科目:高中英语 来源:安徽省2010届高考冲刺预测英语试题 题型:阅读理解

Primary teachers are responsible for guiding children through the formation of many important life skills, and also watching over their students’ social development. Primary teachers come into contact with about 30 students every day, and teach them a variety of subjects. Many hours are spent before and after class on planning, preparation and correction. One should be a very patient, caring, yet firm person to be able to deal with the demands of children in the four to twelve-year-old age group.
Secondary teachers teach specific subjects to various groups of students. Just like primary teachers, they spend an amount of time planning and preparing lessons and correcting homework—their duties are not restricted to face-to-face teaching. Dealing with twelve to eighteen-year-olds requires a wide range of skills.
If you become a primary teacher, you will need to decided whether to be a “generalist (多面手)”, teaching a wide range of subjects, or a "specialist", teaching only one or two. Most primary teachers are specialists. Generalist teachers spend the greatest part of their day with one class, which means that they spend more time with the same children. Specialist teachers have more time away from their students. It is therefore very important for generalist teachers to develop a strong working relationship with their students.
The unique rapport (和谐) you can develop with a particular set of students is one of teaching’s greatest pleasures. However, the disadvantage of primary teaching is that if you have a difficult student, you will be forced to deal with him or her, all day, every day, throughout the school year. Teachers need to work out strategies to get themselves and their students through such difficulties.
Primary teachers today are generally four-year trained. They usually do a three or four-year undergraduate degree, and if this degree does not include teacher training, they will have to undertake postgraduate study in education as well.
1. After class primary teachers usually_____________
A. come into contact with students          
B. teach students a variety of subjects
C. deal with the demands of children      
D. make planning, preparation and correction
2. What does the third paragraph mainly discuss?
A. What a primary teacher needs to do in the classroom.
B. The differences between generalist and specialist teaching.
C. How a primary teacher should try his best in the school.
D. The relationship between the primary teachers and students.
3. We can learn from this passage that___________
A. a primary teacher needs a wide range of skills
B. the disadvantage of primary teaching is having difficult students
C. teacher training is not important for a primary teacher
D. secondary teachers mainly teach children two subjects
4. The author writes the article in order to_________
A. tell teachers how primary teachers guide students
B. tell teachers what you should do as a primary teacher
C. let readers know more about primary teachers
D. let readers know how to be a primary teacher


科目:高中英语 来源:2012-2013学年江西省新余市高三第七次模拟考试英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

I was in my third year of teaching creative writing at a high school in New York, when one of my students, 15-year-old Mikey, gave me a note from his mother. It explained his absence from class the day before.

I had seen Mikey himself writing the note at his desk. Most parental-excuse notes I received were penned by my students. If I were to deal with them, I’d be busy 24 hours a day.

The forged excuse notes made a large pile, with writing that ranged from imaginative to crazy. The writers of those notes didn’t realize that honest excuse notes were usually dull: “Peter was late because the alarm clock didn’t go off.”

Isn’t it remarkable, I thought, how the students complained and said it was hard putting 200 words together on any subject? But when they produced excuse notes, they were brilliant.

So one day I typed out a dozen excuse notes and gave them to my classes. I said, “They’re supposed to be written by parents, but actually they are not. True, Mikey?” The students looked at me nervously.

“Now, this will be the first class to study the art of the excuse note --- the first class, ever, to practice writing them. You’re so lucky to have a teacher like me who has taken your best writing and turned it into a subject worthy of study. ”

Everyone smiled as I went on, “You used your imaginations. So try more now. Today I’d like you to write ‘An Excuse Note from Adam to God’ or ‘An Excuse Note from Eve to God’.” Heads went down. Pens raced across paper. For the first time ever I saw students so careful in their writing that they had to be asked to go to lunch by their friends.

The next day everyone had excuse notes. Heated discussions followed. The headmaster entered the classroom and walked up and down, looking at papers, and then said, “I’d like you to see me in my office.”

When I stepped into his office, he came to shake my hand and said, “I just want to tell you that that lesson, that task, whatever the hell you were doing, was great. Those kids were writing on the college level. Thank you. ”

1.What did the author do with the students found dishonest?

A.He reported them to the headmaster.        B.He lectured them hard on honesty.

C.He had them take notes before lunch.        D.He helped improve their writing skills.

2.The author found that compared with the true excuse notes, the produced ones by the students were usually__________.

A.less impressive     B.more imaginative    C.worse written      D.less convincing

3.The author had the students practice writing excuse notes so that the students could learn_________.

A.the importance of being honest            B.how to write excuse notes skillfully

C.the pleasure of creative writing             D.how to be creative in writing

4.The underlined word “forged” in the second paragraph means “______”.

A.former           B.copied            C.false             D.honest

5.What did the headmaster think of the author’s way of teaching?

A.Effective.          B.Difficult           C.Misleading.        D.Reasonable



科目:高中英语 来源:2010-2011学年湖南省长沙市高三第四次月考英语卷 题型:单项填空

About 90 percent of the equipment presented by the administration, as well as the facilities of our own,      made good use of in the teaching.

A. have   B. has   C. have been   D. has been