30.All the car accidents this morning the heavy fog. Otherwise we come earlier A.due to; will be able to B.are due to; are able to C.due to; were able to D.are due to; could have 查看更多



“You will never walk again.You will have to use a wheelchair.” I heard his   36  fall heavily on my ears, numbing my soul.If I had never felt hopeless before, I felt hopeless then.
The car accident has left me unconscious.When   37  , I found both legs in casts(石膏).While I had other serious injuries, my    38  were my first concern.Working as a special needs teacher and busy and active by nature, I couldn’t imagine being   39  in a wheelchair
Lying in my bed, I wondered how I   40  give my ten-year-old son hope that mom would  41 He’d been cheerful on every visit, but I saw    42  in his eyes. He needed the ray of hope that I would not be in a wheelchair forever.
Just maybe, I thought, I could use this experience to teach him what to do when misfortune 43 
It didn’t take me long to become  44 with my limited movements and even with the pace the doctors were willing to go with me.I was determined to learn everything they showed me.
Every night in my private room, as soon as I knew I wouldn’t be   45 or discovered, I would move myself from the bed to the floor,  46  on to the bed rail(床栏杆) for dear life, and slowly putting my weight   47  my feet.After several weeks of such difficult   48 , my strength and confidence continued to    49  
It came the time to share my accomplishments with the person most    50   to me.One night, when I heard my son greet the nurses at the station, I    51  myself up.As he opened the door, I took a few small steps.   52  , he could only watch as I turned and started back to bed.All of the pain, the fear, and the struggle   53 as I heard the words I had longed to hear, “Mommy, you can walk!”
I am now able to walk alone, sometimes using a stick.I am able to take public transportation to shop and visit friends.My life has been blessed with many   54 of which I am proud.But none has ever brought me the satisfaction and joy   55  by those four little words of my son.




The theatre has very good access for the d_____________.

I couldn't have done it without your ______________(鼓励).

As an_________(志向远大的) leader, he wants to guide the local people to  lead a happy life.

She took a year’s leave of a______________ from her job because of illness.

We all ____________(渴望) worldwide peace and happiness.

She felt sorry for not a__________(陪伴) her friend to the concert last night.

The parliament ____________(宣告) that the colony was independent.

We hope to have an income of an average ____________(年度的) growth rate of 10%.

The development of our country's economy has b_________from the opening and reform policy.

Many people w        the car accident, so it was not difficult to investigate.




I began to work as a salesgirl in a department store. I got there that morning and was introduced to all the salesmen and saleswomen. Throughout the day,one of the salesmen talked with me.I thought we might become friends.That evening after work we went out for dinner. We sat together and talked,but our numbers were never exchanged.

Around 10 pm I began my 2-hour drive back. For the first part of the drive I was thinking to myself how stupid I had been for not giving him my number. Then all of a sudden, when I had gone around a corner I was completely over in another lane(车道).There was no time to even hit the brakes(刹车). I hit at once. The police came and cut the top of my car off to get me out. They sent me to the hospital quickly.

My mother got there late that night, and saw me lying in the emergency room. The next morning, mom called the manager and told him what had happened, and that I would be in the hospital for a long time. A few hours later, I received a phone call--- it was the guy(小伙子) I hadn’t given my number. Well, he came to visit me that night and the next night. We spent a lot of time together.

It was months before I would be walking and driving again, but he’d sit by me. I don’t think I could have pulled through it without him. Now I can walk freely, and just this

week we are planning on getting married one year after the day we met. It’s just amazing

how a tragedy like a car accident could bring about such a wonderful relationship!

56.The car accident happened because______.

A.the girl drank a lot before driving

B.it was so dark that the girl couldn’t see very clearly

C.another car appeared on the girl’s lane suddenly

D.the girl didn’t drive with great care

57.We can infer that the girl __________.

A.couldn’t say anything at hospital

B.would lose her job in the store

C.was badly injured in the accident

D.was careless with making friends

58.The guy got the news that the girl was in hospital possibly from ________.

A.the manager    B.the girl’s mother    C.the doctor     D.the girl herself

59.The girl thought that ________.

A.a traffic accident might bring good luck

B.it was the car accident that brought about their marriage

C.a true friend is one who helps you in need

D.there was true love and friendship in the world




1.His first speech as president made a strong i______________ on me

2.Parents draw the c___________ that both day schools and boarding schools are important to train young students for our society.

3.To our great d__________, he managed to pass the final exam.

4.The careless driver is to b____________ for the car accident.

5.To some teenagers, g__________from high school is an important turning point.

6. Youngsters are risking their lives in a dangerous craze which is ___________(席卷)the country.

7.The baby burst into tears _____________(一…就)she saw her mother.

8.Many newspapers, like China Daily and the 21st Century ____________(吸引) to Chinese English learners.

9.All the staff in this company are trained to ____________(应付) difficult customers.

10. The same economic problems had led to the _______________(垮台) of the government.



The 30-mile road that runs through the mountains of Willie Valley makes most drivers′ hands sweat. But Andersen, a 46-year-old father of four, wasn’t expecting any trouble on the road last New Year’s Eve, when he set off for a ski trip to the Bear Mountains with nine-year-old daughter Mia, four-old son Baylor, and nine-year-old neighbor Kenya. Andersen had driven through the Valley hundreds of times over the years.

The weather was fine. But the higher they drove, the more slippery the road became. Rounding a sharp U-turn, Andersen saw a heavy truck off the road and immediately hit his brakes. In a minute, the car was going at 25 miles per hour down the mountain before falling down from a ten-foot dam into the extremely cold Logan River.

The crash had broken a few windows, and within seconds, the car was filled with water. “It was frightening that we were going fast into deep water,” remembers Andersen, a soft-spoken manager.

Having lost all sense of direction, Andersen began to search the freezing water for the kids. Mia had been right next to him in the front seat; now, in the blackness, he couldn’t find her. “I thought, if I don’t get out, maybe none of us are going to get out.” Andersen got out of his seat belt, swam through a broken window, and, deeply and quickly, breathed air at the surface. That’s when he saw a group of men, about ten in all, appear at the top of the dam. One after another, they rushed down into the water. Helping onto safety all the three children, they began to shout at the father, “Who else is in the car?”

Andersen says respectfully, “It was like the sight of angels.”

1. What might be the main cause of the car accident?

A. The bad weather.                        B. The high dam.

C. The sudden brake.                                D. The heavy truck.

2. Andersen didn’t expect any trouble on the road because _____.

A. he was familiar with the road

B. he was good at driving

C. his hands didn’t have sweat

D. the weather was fine

3. What can be learned from the last paragraph?

A. Andersen lost consciousness in the water.

B. Strangers helped Andersen out of the car.

C. Andersen liked Mia most among the children.

D. Strangers teamed together to save three children.

4.The underlined sentence is to express Andersen’s feeling of being _____.

A. tired                     B. excited                     C. doubtful                    D. thankful

5.Which of the following can be the best title of the text?

A. Stay calm when in trouble

B. Drive rounding a U-turn

C. Miracle rescue from a river

D. Mystery of the Bear Mountains