A Today is Sunday. It is a fine day. The sun shines brightly in the sky. The sky is blue. Now it’s nine o’clock in the morning. There’s a sports meeting in the forest on the big hill. Look, a horse, a deer and a cat are running. They are running very fast, Over there a dog and two tigers are jumping. They are jumping one by one. Two monkeys are climbing the trees. They are the best to climb trees of all the animals. Four birds are flying around and singing. They are very happy to watch the animals running, jumping, climbing the trees. There’re some other animals, too. The elephants are standing. A monkey is sitting on an old elephant. The monkey has a flagin his hand. Polly is sitting in the tree. A fox, a baby panda and some small animals are sitting under the trees. They are all watching. ( )46.This article tells us a story of . A. an animal sports meeting in the forest B. some good and happy animals in the forest C. all the running animals in the hill D. the fine day, the blue sky and the happy animals ( )47. How many animals are running and jumping? A.Fourteen. B.Six. C.Eleven. D.Five. ( )48.Which animals are climbing the trees? A.The monkeys. B.The pandas and the foxes. C.The elephants and the cats. D.The horses and the pandas. ( )49.From the text we know there’re . A. not any birds living in the forest B. a lot of animals at the sports meeting C.many people around the hill D.some mokeys running and jumping ( )50.Who are watching the sports meeting? A. A tiger, a baby horse and some cats. B. A fox, a baby panda and some small animals. C. Polly, an elephant and some fish. D. A monkey, a baby cat and some birds. 查看更多



Where doesyour cousin live on?                        (  )?   
A      B                   C


 —___________ my daughter is only ten years old, she knows a lot.

  —What a clever girl!  

A. Though              B. Because              C. Whether



When you look up into the sky at night, have you ever felt that your eyes are playing tricks on (捉弄) you? It seems that the stars are moving all the time.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with your eyes. This twinkling effect is called scintillation (交光). Scintillation happens because of air movements in the earth’s atmosphere (大气). Light is “bent (弯曲的)” when it travels through different parts of the earth’s atmosphere. As the air in the earth’s atmosphere is moving all the time, the light from the stars looks as if it is moving too.

The same thing also happens to things on the ground. On a very hot and shiny day, if you look at the road, the image in the distance is not clear and things move slightly. You can also see the same effect if you drop a rock into water. The rock appears a little unclear under the moving water.

This twinkling effect causes a lot of problems for astronomers (天文学家) since they cannot observe the stars clearly. A telescope (望远镜) was sent into space so that the air movements in the atmosphere could be avoided (避免). It took a long time to build the space telescope but finally in 1990, a huge space telescope called the Hubble Space Telescope was successfully sent into space. Since then, astronomers have many important observations that have helped people understand space better.

根据短文内容,选择最佳选项。 (10分)

1.What happens to the light from the stars we see when the air in the earth’s atmosphere is moving?

A.It looks even brighter.

B.It looks as if it is bent.

C.It looks as if it is moving.

D.It looks like drops of rain.

2.Scintillation also happens on      according to the passage.

A.rainy days                             B.shiny days

C.cloudy days                            D.windy days

3.What can you see when you drop a rock into the water?

A.The rock gets broken.

B.The rock becomes unclear.

C.The water becomes much polluted.

D.The water does not move anymore.

4.The underlined word “observe” means “    ”.

A.watch            B.listen             C.draw             D.explain

5.Why is scintillation a problem for astronomers?

A.The stars never stay still.

B.It makes the stars too dark to see.

C.It makes astronomers feel too hot to work.

D.Astronomers cannot observe the stars clearly.



I heard the bees long before I saw them.

It was a very hot afternoon,and we decided to cool off in the river near my home.As we climbed down a small rocky hill toward the water, my boyfriend John suddenly started to shout,then jumped into the water below. Peter and Mary quickly followed but I was too far away to jump. I was strapped.

I heard a low hum (嗡嗡声), which was growing louder .From a distance,the group of bees looked almost like a cloud of smoke.As it got closer,I realized it was actually thousands of bees flying towards me.

All I could do was cover my face with hands.Crazily I thought that if I sat very still( 安静的 ),the bees would think I was just another rock.

After a few seconds,I knew my plan hadn’t worked.The bees were attacking me. I could hear my friends shouting at me to get down to the pool fast.

But it wasn’t easy.I was in great pain and the only way I could get away was to use my hands to climb down to the rocks.However, I was afraid to do that at first because my face would be unprotected.The noise the bees made was so loud and frightening ,but I had no choice.

I rushed down the rocks and jumped into the pool,but I don’t remember doing it.I was just so happy to be free from the pain. I was safe,and the water felt wonderful.

But we still weren’t out of danger. Every time we tried to climb out of the pool,the bees flew back over our heads.We spent the next three hours in the water, putting our heads under the water from time to time to avoid the bees until they finally lost interest.

1.How many people went swimming that day?





2.The word “it”(in paragraph 3) refers to ______.

   A. a rock     B. a hill      C the river     D.the group of bees

3.At first why didn’t the writer want to climb down the rocks?

A.She ws afraid she would fall

B.She was too far away from the pool

C.She thought the bees would follow her

D.She didn’t want her face to be unprotected

4.How did the writer escape the bees?

A.She covered her face with her hands

B.She hid behind the rocks.

C.She jumped into a water pool.

D.She pretended(假装) to be a rock.

5.In what order are the following mentioned in the story?

a.The writer rushed down the rocks     b,.John jumped into the water.

c.The low hum grew louder.           d.,The bees flew back over their heads

e.The bees were attacking the writer.







We will meet _______ 5 minutes _______ the school gate.