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2.    Know about the customs and habits in Europe.

Teaching Difficult Points:

the physical features of Europe

Teaching Preparation: a map of the world

Teaching Aids: audiotape, flashcards, a map of the world

Type of lesson: new lesson

Teaching Procedure:

Step1. Make up a telephone dialogue. Let the students act it out in front of the class.

Step2. Listening task

Listen and finish the exercises:


1.    Learn about the physical features of Europe.


2.    Compare the physical features with the Asian physical features.

Teaching Important Points:


1.    Know more about the world’s geography.


2.    Go on the next reading in the student book.


Ringing up is the main content of this lesson. Making a telephone call is so different from Chinese. It is a good teaching tip to give the students more time to practice in class.

Lesson 54: Europe

Teaching Content:

Mastery words and expressions: England, European, sea

Oral words and expressions: German, Italian, Greek, the Alps, the Caspian Sea, the Volga River, Moscow, Paris, the Triumphal Arch

Teaching Aims:


6.    Can Li Ming help Brian with his report?

Step4. Read the text and check the answers.

First let the students read the text silently. Then read it in roles. After a while, ask some students to come to the front and act the dialogue out.

Step5. Explain the main expressions in this text. Make up sentences with “May I speak to…?” “This is….speaking.” “Who’s that’s?”

Step6. Discuss the details of this lesson. What questions can the students ask? Can others find the right answer?

Step7. Come to “LET’S DO IT!”

Step8. Homework


5.    How is the weather in Shijiazhuang?


4.    Does Brian ring up Li Ming’s apartment?


3.    What time is it in China when it is afternoon in Canada?


2.    Who tells Brian Li Ming’s telephone number?