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Lead ________ as a material for sculpture since the time of the early Greeks.

[  ]

A. has been used
B. being used
C. has used
D. used




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Lead ________ as a material for sculpture since the time of the early Greeks.

[  ]

A. has been used
B. being used
C. has used
D. used


科目:高中英语 来源:2010-2011学年湖北省高三上学期第二次联考英语卷 题型:阅读理解

I live in Hollywood. You may think people in such an attractive, fun-filled place are happier than others. If so, you have some mistaken ideas about the nature of happiness.

  Many intelligent people still equate happiness with fun. The truth is that fun and happiness have little or nothing in common. Fun is what we experience during an act. Happiness is what we experience after an act. It is a deeper, more abiding emotion.

  Going to an amusement park or ball game, watching a movie or television, are fun activities that help us relax, temporarily forget our problems and maybe even laugh. But they do not bring happiness, because their positive effects end when the fun ends.

I have often thought that if Hollywood stars have a role to play, it is to teach us that happiness has nothing to do with fun. These rich, beautiful individuals have constant access to glamorous parties, fancy cars, expensive homes, everything that spells “happiness”.

But in memoir(回忆录) after memoir, celebrities reveal the unhappiness hidden beneath all their fun: depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, broken marriages, troubled children and profound loneliness.

The way people stick to the belief that a fun-filled, pain-free life equates happiness actually reduces their chances of ever obtaining real happiness. If fun and pleasure are equated with happiness, then pain must be equated with unhappiness. But, in fact, the opposite is true: More times than not, things that lead to happiness involve some pain.

As a result, many people avoid the very endeavors that are the source of true happiness. They fear the pain inevitably brought by such things as marriage, raising children, professional achievement, religious commitment, civic or charitable work, and self-improvement.

1.What does the author want to tell us? He wants to tell us             .

A.he lives in Hollywood, so he feels not happy

B.the true meaning of happiness

C.in fact, famous people are not very happy

D.happiness is not equal to fun

2.What is many intelligent people’s viewpoint about happiness?

A.Happiness just means having fun.

B.Happiness is not equal to fun.

C.Happiness means doing what you like.

D.Happiness means being rich.

3.What does the underlined word “equate” in the second paragraph mean? It means    .



C.similar or connected


4.According to the passage, the author may agree        .

A.amusement park can bring us happiness

B.fun will bring some happiness to us

C.pain will bring us happiness

D.efforts can bring us happiness



科目:高中英语 来源:2013届江西省高二第一次段考英语试题 题型:阅读理解

It might sound ridiculous that goal setting could actually hold you back from completing tasks and dreams you may have. But it seems like everyone tells you should be setting goals for everything you want to accomplish, short term and long term. Goals can help you sometimes, but in some cases they just lead to constant frustration and they actually bring you down.

Let's look at this a little closer with an example. A lot of people might set forth as a goal. Many people jump online and are looking to start a business online as a way to make money from home and let's say they set a goal to make $10,000 in their first month. They do this because they seem tons of people making large sums of money in very little time so they think, $10,000 a month, that shouldn't be too hard.

But what happens when you only bring in $1,000 in your first 30 days online? If this is pure profit you might still be happy but this is nowhere near reaching the goal you originally set out to meet. So naturally you would feel like you failed to reach your goal and you may be a little disappointed in yourself.

If you continue not to reach this goal month in month , it starts to add up and really weighs on you. I'm not saying that they are bad and you shouldn't set them but you need to realize that you should not be emotionally attached to your goals.

An alternative approach would be to set certain milestones for when you want to accomplish things and start out small. Build your confidence by accomplishing smaller feats and if you overproduce, then it will be a nice surprise. You have to have some sort of end result in mind but break it down in to a day by day task. It makes it a lot easier for you to handle by just knowing everyday you have to complete a few small tasks and over time the snowball will roll into great things.

1.The purpose of the passage is to _______.

A.show that it’s necessary to set goals

B.prove the disadvantages of setting goals

C.suggest way of setting goals to reach success

D.introduce how to reach success by setting high goals.

2.In Paragraph 2 , the writer used the example to _______.

A.persuade readers not to be greedy for money

B.prove that goals often result in frustration.

C.show goal setting sometimes stops you realizing your dreams

D.advise readers not to set goals to avoid frustration

3.According to the passage, always sticking to our goals is ______.





4.What belief does the writer most probably hold?

A.The higher goals we set, the more success we’ll achieve

B.Goal setting is not always necessary and helpful

C.We shouldn’t set higher goals than other people

D.Goals should be set for short term and long term.

5.What information will probably be provided following the last paragraph?

A.Another helpful tip for setting goals

B.Benefits of setting small goal

C.Side effects of goal setting

D.Success achieved without goal setting.



科目:高中英语 来源:2010年高考英语试题分类汇编--代词 题型:阅读理解


Humans are naturally drawn to other life forms and the worlds outside of our own. We take delight in the existence of creatures and even whole socicties beyond our everyday lives.

This sense of wonder is universal look at the efforts that scientists have made to find out whether life of some kind exists on Mars, and the popularity of fantasy(幻想) litcrature or movies like The lord of the Rings, This sense of wonder drous us to each other, to the world around us, and to the world of make-believe. But have we gone to far in creating worlds of fantasy that we are missing the phcasure of other worlds that alrewly exist all around us?

Human beings, as biologists have suggested, possess an inborn desire to connect with and understand other life forms, However, people, especially in big cities, often lead rather isolated lices. In a study of British schoolchildren, it was found that children bye age eight were much more familiar with hurmans for television shows and cideo games than with common wildlife. Without modern technology ,a amall pond could be an amazing world filled with strange and beautiful plants, insects,birds,and animals. When we lack meaningful interaction (交互) with the world around us, and sometimes ecen with our families and friends , we seek to understand and communicate with things that exist only in our imaginations or on a computer screen

The world of make-believe is not neccsanly bad, But when the world of  famsity becomes the only outlet (出路) our sense of wonder ,then we are really missing something, We are missing a connection with the living world. Other wonderful worderful worlds exist all around us. But even more interesting is that if we look closely enough ,we can see that these worlds, in a broad sense , are really part of our own.

72.The popularity of  The Lord of the rings proves     

  A.the close connestion between man and the fantasy world

  B.the wonderful achievements of fantasy literature

  C.the fine taste of moviegoers around the world

  D.the general existence of the sense of curiosity

73.What can we infer from the underlineed sentence in Paragraph 3?

  A.People are fra less familiar with the world of fantasy.

  B.The world around us could serve as a sound of  wonder.

  C.The world of fantasy can be mirred by  a small and lively pond.

  D.Modern technology prevents us from developing our sense of wonder.

74. If our sense of wonder relics totally on the world of make-believe. we will_______.

A.fail to appreciate the joy in our lives

B.be confused by the world of make-believe

C.miss the chance to recognizc the fantas world

D.be tranped by other worlds exsting all around us

75. What is the main purpose of the passage?

A.To show us the hidden beauty in our world.

B.To warn us not to get lost in the fantasy wonder

C.To argue against the misuse of the sense of wonder

D.To discuss the influence of the world of make-believe