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Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages.

In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a very cheap one. With a TV set in the family people don’t have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre, the cinema, or the opera .All they have to do is to push a button or turn a knob, and they can see plays, films, operas and shows of every kind. Some people, however, think that this is where the danger lies. The television viewers need do nothing. He does not even have to use his legs if he has a remote control. He makes no choice and exercises, no judgment. He is completely passive and has everything presented to him without any effort in his part.

Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events and the latest developments in science and politics. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into one’s sitting room. It could be argued that the radio performs this service as well; but on television everything is much more living, much more real. Yet here again there is a danger. The television screen itself has a terrible, almost physical charm for us. We get so used to looking at the movements on it ,so dependent on its pictures, that it begins to control our lives. People are often heard to say that their television sets have broken down and that they have suddenly found that they have far more time to do things and that they have actually begin to talk to each other again. It makes one think, doesn’t it?

There are many other arguments for and against television. We must realize that television itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses that it is put to that determine its value to society.

1.What is the major function of paragraph 1?

A. To cause the reader’s discussion

B. To introduce the theme of the whole passage

C. To summarize the whole passage

D. To tell the primary uses of TV

2.Television, as a source of entertainment, is ______.

A. not very convenient B. very expensive

C. quite dangerous D. very cheap

3.Why are some people against TV?

A. Because TV programs are not interesting.

B. Because TV viewers are totally passive.

C. Because TV prices are very high.

D. Because TV has both advantages and disadvantages.

4.One of the most obvious advantages of TV is that ______.

A. it keeps us informed

B. it is very cheap

C. it enables us to have a rest

D. it controls our lives

5.According to the passage, whether TV is good or not depends on _______ .

A. its quality B. people’s attitude towards it

C. how we use it D. when we use it








1. Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages.”意思是很明显,电视有它的好处和坏处。而本文正是围绕这句话展开讨论的,是全文的中心句。故选B。

2. television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a very cheap one.”电视不但是一种方便的娱乐资源,而且也非常便宜。故选D。

3. He is completely passive and has everything presented to him without any effort in his part.”看电视的人完全是被动的,他不用做任何努力所有事情就呈现在他的面前。其中选项D “Because TV has both advantages and disadvantages.”不能说人们反对电视的理由是电视既有好处也有坏处。故选B。

4. it keeps us informed,在文中第三段有提到” Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events and the latest developments in science and politics.” 选项B. it is very cheap,在文中的第二段的第一句也有提到” television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a very cheap one.”选项C it enables us to have a rest文章中没有提到,选项D. it controls our lives讲的是坏处,不是好处。排除C、D,分析A、B。很多东西都可以是很便宜的,但不是所有东西都可以随时向我们报告时事新闻和科学、政治的最新发展。故选A。

5. We must realize that television itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses that it is put to that determine its value to society.”我们必须认识到电视本身没有好坏之分,而是如何使用它,决定了它在社会中的价值。故选C.



科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年河北永年县第二中学高二上期末英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

List of winners of 71st Golden Globe Awards


Best Drama: "12 Years a Slave"

Best Comedy : "American Hustle"

Best Actor, Drama: Matthew McConaughey, "Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Actress, Drama: Cate Blanchett, "Blue Jasmine"

Best Actor, Comedy : Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Best Actress, Comedy : Amy Adams, "American Hustle"

Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle"

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron, "Gravity"

Best Foreign Language Film: "The Great Beauty," Italy

Best Original Song: "Ordinary Love," "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"


Best Drama Series: "Breaking Bad," AMC

Best Comedy Series: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," FOX

Best Actor, Drama: Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad"

Best Actress, Drama: Robin Wright, "House of Cards"

Best Actor, Comedy: Andy Samberg, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Best Actress, Comedy: Amy Poehler, "Parks and Recreation"

Best TV Film : "Behind the Candelabra," HBO

Best Actor,Television Movie: Michael Douglas, "Behind the Candelabra"

Best Actress, Television Movie: Elisabeth Moss, "Top of the Lake"

Best Supporting Actor, Television Movie: Jon Voight, "Ray Donovan"

Best Supporting Actress, Television Movie: Jacqueline Bisset, "Dancing on the Edge"

1.Who wins the best film comedy actor title at the 71st Golden Globe Awards?

A. Matthew McConaughey B. Leonardo DiCaprio

C. Amy Adams D. Jared Leto

2.If you want to see your favorite star Elisabeth Moss, you should watch_____________.

A. Blue Jasmine B. Breaking Bad

C. House of Cards D. Top of the Lake

3.Which of the following is the best TV film at the 71st Golden Globe Awards?

A The Great Beauty B.Mandela:Long Walk to Freedom

C. Behind the Candelabra D.Dancing on the Edge


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年广东汕头金山中学高二上期末英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解

Harvard researchers have created a tough, low-cost, biodegradable(可生物降解的) material inspired by insects’ hard outer shells. The material’s inventors say it has a number of possible uses and someday could provide a more environmentally friendly alternative(替代物) to plastic. The material, made from shrimp(虾)shells and proteins produced from silk, is called “shrilk”. It is thin, clear, flexible and strong.

A major benefit of the material is its biodegradability. Plastic’s toughness and flexibility represented a revolution in materials science during the 1950s and 1960s. Decades later, however, plastic’s very durability(耐用性) is raising questions about how appropriate it is for one-time products such as plastic bags, or short-lived consumer goods, used in the home for a few years and then cast into a landfill(垃圾池) where they will degrade for centuries. What is the point of making something that lasts 1,000 years?

Shrilk has great potential, the inventors said. Materials from which it is made are plentiful in nature, fond in everything ranging from shrimp shells, insect bodies to living plants that makes shrilk low cost, and its mass production possible should it be used for products demanding a lot of material.

Work on shrilk is continuing in the lab. The inventors said the material becomes flexible when wet, so they’re exploring ways to use it in wet environments. They’re also developing simpler production processes, which could be used for non-medical products, like for computer cases and other products inside the home. They’re even exploring combining it with other materials like carbon fibers, to give it new properties.

1. Paragraph 1 of the passage is mainly about shrilk’s ______________.

A. remarkable design

B. interesting name

C. major features

D. basic elements

2.What has become a concern about plastic?

A. Using it properly

B. Producing it cheaply

C. Developing its properties quickly

D. Evaluating its contributions fairly

3.According to the inventors, shrilk has great potential partly because _________ .

A. it can help plastic degrade

B. it can be found in living things

C. its mass production has been realized

D. its raw materials are plentiful in nature

4. What are the inventors doing in the lab?

A. Replacing carbon fibers with shrilk

B. Testing shrilk’s use in wet conditions

C. Making shrilk out of used household goods.

D. Improving shrilk’s flexibility for medical purposes

5. Which of the following can be the best title for the passage?

A. Recent Progress in Environment Protection

B. Benefits of Insects in Scientific Research

C. The Harm of One-time Products

D. A possible Alternative Plastic


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年广东汕头金山中学高二上期末英语试卷(解析版) 题型:单项填空

_____, a man who expresses himself effectively is sure to succeed more rapidly than a man whose command of language is poor.

A. Other things were equal

B. Other things being equal

C. To be equal to other things

D. Other things to be equal


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年广东汕头金山中学高二上期末英语试卷(解析版) 题型:单项填空

The great success of this project has been largely _______ the support given by the 30 local businessmen.

A. instead of B. thanks to

C. due to D. as a consequence.


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年福建龙岩市一级达标校高一上期末量检英语试卷(解析版) 题型:书面表达

与私家车相比,自行车具有价格便宜、有益健康、有利环境等优点,是国际公认的环保代步工具。目前某英语报社正在开展一场题为“I Want to Cycle” 的征文比赛,你看了 “征稿启事”后深有感触。请你根据下面”征稿启事”提供的写作思路图写一篇英语短文。









There are many advantages of cycling.


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年福建龙岩市一级达标校高一上期末量检英语试卷(解析版) 题型:完形填空

Today was Father’s Day. I missed you, Dad! at your photos, I thought of the happy days when you stayed with me. It seemed as if everything had happened yesterday.

I remembered how you taught me to be a person with good , such as honesty, kindness and self-respect. You taught me to enjoy and work.

You taught me about love, as you yours with all seven of us children. But, , I thought of how you taught me of God’s great for his children. You showed the way, by being at church each time the doors were open. I was you, as you led our family in prayer(祈祷)each before going to bed. Through you, I what is truly important in life. I now know that you continue to live through me and I hope I have that legacy(遗产)on to my kids.

I know that your life was not easy you lost your father when you were only two years old. I know that you had to your studies and help your mother. You your responsibilities, as you did in supporting our . Thanks, Dad!

So, parents and to all you Dads, remember that you can have a positive (积极的) influence your children by what you teach them and that they will make a difference in this world.

Children, now it’s time to your love and thanks to your Dad what he does for you. A big hug, a thank you and living a life of purpose, all of will give him more joy, are worth your doing.

1.A. Looking B. Laughing C. Pointing D. Shouting

2.A. energies B. skills C. abilities D. qualities

3.A. rest B. peace C. life D. success

4.A. bargained B. devoted C. shared D. competed

5.A. in all B. above all C. at all D. after all

6.A. pain B. love C. surprise D. beauty

7.A. watching B. waiting C. replacing D. persuading

8.A. hour B. dusk C. night D. noon

9.A. ordered B. advised C. searched D. learned

10.A. passed B. given C. offered D. depended

11.A. if B. though C. before D. because

12.A. pack up B. give up C. rely on D. leave for

13.A. made B. solved C. took D. doubted

14.A. family B. house C. team D. class

15.A. carefully B. wonderfully C. especially D. regularly

16.A. of B. for C. on D. to

17.A. examine B. express C. change D. explore

18.A. in charge of B. in search of C. in honor of D. in return for

19.A. hot B. warm C. strong D. heavy

20.A. which B. them C. that D. what


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年福建龙岩非一级达标校高一上期末质检英语试卷(解析版) 题型:单词拼写


1.Do you sing karaoke and (假装)you are a famous singer like Song Zuying or Liu Huan?

2.I am now truly filled with (快乐)that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race.

3.At 3:42 am everything began to shake and it seemed as if the world was at an .

4.It shows the importance of wildlife (保护), but I’d like to help as the WWF suggests.

5.Native English speakers can understand each other if they don’t speak the same kind of English.

6.After (毕业)from college, we finally got the chance to take a bike trip.

7.That is the m of the Olympic, you know — “Swifter, Higher, and Stronger”.

8.But I was happy to help because I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people (平等的).

9.The (设计)of the amber room was in the fancy style popular in those days.

10.I was able to share my knowledge with others through the World Wide W .


科目:高中英语 来源:2014-2015学年福建福州第八中学高二上期末英语试卷(解析版) 题型:单项填空

It seems that living green is _______ easy and affordable. A small step makes a big difference.

A. generally B. fortunately

C. hardly D. surprisingly