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科目: 来源:海南省2010年高三五校第二次联考 题型:阅读理解


    Not long ago, the world’s lowest-priced car was launched(投放市场) in Mumbai, India.The Nano, made by Tata Motors, is expected to cause a transportation revolution for millions of Indian families.The small three-meter long car will cost 2,000 dollars, which is about half the price of similar cars.That is expected to make car ownership possible for more Indians.So it is being called “The People’s Car.”

    Ratan Tata, Tata Motors chairman, says, “It was never thought of as being the cheapest car but a car that would give the people of India an opportunity to own a car that had not been within their reach before.I hope that is what we will achieve.” Industry observers predict that soon roads throughout the country could be filled with Nanos.Tata, India’s top automaker, has done almost no traditional advertising of the Nano.However, early interest in the vehicle has been huge.The company says the Nano’s website has been visited 30 million times.

    Tata Motors says it will begin taking orders for the car on April 9th both at car dealerships and on the Internet.However, the cars will not be ready for purchase(购买) until July.Demand is expected to be far greater than supply.Ratan Tata says the first 100,000 buyers of the car will be chosen by chance.The car is expected to be popular in industrial as well as developing nations.Experts say demand for low-priced automobiles is likely to increase as the international economic crisis continues.

    However, some critics say the new cars will increase India’s traffic and pollution problems.However, Tata company officials say the Nano will produce less pollution than any other car in the country.

1.The Nano is called “The people’s Car” because it _____.

    A.has been designed by common people

    B.has caused a transportation revolution

    C.can be available to more population

    D.can offer more convenience

2.In Paragraph 2 Ratan Tata seems to ______.

    A.explain the main goal of designing the Nano

    B.give more information about the Nano

    C.talk about the quality of the Nano

    D.introduce the company’s future plan

3.Which of the following about the Nano is NOT mentioned?

    A.Its website is very popular.

    B.It has invited critics.

    C.It will be sold abroad.

    D.It can only offer four seats inside.

4.What is the main idea of this passage?

    A.A new car is beyond your wildest dream.

    B.India launches the lowest-priced car.

    C.Welcome to the Nano website.

    D.The tiniest car will be on sale.



科目: 来源:海南省2010年高三五校第二次联考 题型:阅读理解


    It’s hardly surprising that weather is a favorite topic for so many people around the world---it affects where we choose to live, what we wear, our moods, and perhaps even our national characteristics.Studies have shown that changeable weather can make it difficult to concentrate, cloudy skies slow down reaction, and high humidity with hot, dry winds makes many people bad-tempered.

    If you live in a place like Britain, where the weather seems to change daily if not hourly, you could be forgiven for thinking that the weather is random.In fact, the weather is controlled by systems which move around areas of the globe.In the UK the weather depends on depressions, often called lows, and anticyclones, also known as highs.These systems start in the Atlantic Ocean, and make their way across the British Isles from the west to the east.Highs bring sunny weather, while lows bring rain and wind.In modern times, human activities seem to be altering weather patterns.Gases produced by heavy industry change the temperature of the Earth’s surface, and affect cloud formation.Some researchers say that factories in Europe and North America may have been one of the causes of the droughts in Africa in the 1980s.

    The human race has always tried to guess the weather, especially in areas of the world where there are frequent changes.Traditional rhymes point to early attempts to identify weather patterns, popular poems include:

    Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight; red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning.

    Flies will swarm before a storm.

    Rain before 7, clear by 11.

    While folk wisdom can still provide a guide to help forecast weather, today’s methods of prediction increasingly rely on technology.Satellites, balloons, ships, aircrafts and weather centers with sensitive monitoring equipment, send data to computers.The data is then processed, and the weather is predicted.However, even this system cannot predict weather for longer than about a week.

1.When weather keeps changing, _____________.

    A.people become bad-tempered

    B.people’s reaction slows down

    C.people find it hard to focus on their work

    D.people become hungrier

2.What is mainly talked about in the second paragraph?

    A.Changes in weather.             B.Weather in Britain.

    C.African droughts.               D.Research on weather.

3.The weather in Britain is _______________.

    A.random         B.moist          C.depressing     D.satisfying

4.According to a traditional rhyme, if there is a red sky at night, the next day will be _______.

    A.windy          B.rainy          C.fine           D.snowy

5.Which of the following statements is true?

    A.Anticyclones often bring rain and wind.

    B.Weather forecasting has been done for a long time.

    C.Weather could never be predicted.

    D.Modern methods of weather prediction are developed from folk wisdom.



科目: 来源:海南省2010年高三五校第二次联考 题型:填空题



    Being organized is an important skill for school and life.When you’re well organized, you can stay focused, instead of spending time hunting things down.  1.For schoolwork, it means having one notebook or place where you store all your assignments, so you know what you have to do and when.Keeping labeled folders(贴有标签的文件夹) for handouts(课堂讲义)and keeping all your schoolwork neat and in a specific place—these are the main parts of organization.

    For home stuff, being organized means having a place to put your things and putting them back as you go.  2.It means keeping your schoolbag, your shoes, and your clean underwear in the same places so you always know where to find them.

    Planning is part of being organized, too.  3.Calendars, lists, and schedules can help you plan.You can buy or draw a calendar and keep it near your workplace.Making a schedule or “to-do” list for yourself is a good idea.Looking at your list helps you keep track of what you need to do. 4.Check off things when you’ve done them.Use your list to help you decide which thing is most important to work on first.

5.But once you’re organized, it feels great.The less time you spend hunting around for things or panicking about homework, the more time you have for better things, like reading a good book or playing.

    A.Planning means deciding what you will do and when you will do it.

    B.First, you should get your schoolwork organized.

    C.Add new things as you get assignments.

    D.You will benefit a lot from a good habit.

    E.What does it mean to be organized?

    F.It takes some extra efforts to organize yourself and your stuff.

    G.It means hanging your coat up instead of dropping it on the floor or throwing it on a chair.



科目: 来源:海南省2010年高三五校第二次联考 题型:短文改错








    Today is Sunday.The sky is full of sunshine, so does my life.At about 9:00 a.m, I go to the bookstore with my friends.There was a lot of new books, I didn’t know which one to buy, because these books were all useful to me.At last, I chose two.At 10:00, we went to the cinema, the film calling Titanic was very popular.It took us about 3 hours to see.Having seen the film, and everyone was deeply moved.Some friends even burst out tears.From the story, I understand that love is noble and valuable.That’s a really wonderful film.It is very worth seeing again.What a happy day! I hope tomorrow I will be even happy!



科目: 来源:海南省2010年高三五校第二次联考 题型:书面表达











Dear Mum,

    As I’m in Senior 3, I strongly feel the urge to get an MP3 player, so I’m writing to you.For one thing,





    Hope you’ll satisfy this request of mine


Hua Hua



科目: 来源:河北省石家庄市2010届高三第二次模拟考试 题型:语音知识




1.loss         A.police    B.model     C.lose    D.scold

2.bear         A.pear      B.learn     C.fear    D.heart

3.excellent    A.extreme   B.explain   C.extra   D.express

4.honest       A.horrible  B.honor     C.holiday D.hotel

5.shadow       A.crowd     B.knowledge C.allow   D. narrow



科目: 来源:河北省石家庄市2010届高三第二次模拟考试 题型:单项填空

 —I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

  —      .

A. You’re welcome  B. Go ahead  C. No problem  D. Don’t mention it



科目: 来源:河北省石家庄市2010届高三第二次模拟考试 题型:单项填空

 Charles Dickens wrote many novels to call      to social problems at that time.

A. interest  B. attention C. notice D. mind



科目: 来源:河北省石家庄市2010届高三第二次模拟考试 题型:单项填空

 —You’d better take      friend with you. Then you can help each other if

in      trouble.

  —Sounds a good idea.

A. the;/   B. the;the  C. a;/  D. a;a



科目: 来源:河北省石家庄市2010届高三第二次模拟考试 题型:单项填空

 The other day he ran across one of his friends on the street, whom he for      ages.

A. hadn’t seen  B. didn’t see  C. hasn’t seen  D. doesn’t see