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职场英语:Ophthalmologist Salary Range


  Remember, the goal is to get the hiring manager to tell you the budgeted salary range for the position before you share any salary information. Try to avoid giving out information by providing answers such as, “My research shows similar positions pay in the range of $x to $y. I’m sure you’ve budgeted a salary range based on competitive data for this industry. What is your budgeted range?” Or, “If I’m the candidate you’d prefer for the position, I’m sure we’ll be able to reach agreement on the salary, as I’m willing to be flexible. What is the budgeted salary range?”


Eye problems and eye diseases have become a common sight in the modern-day world! The reasons behind this are prolonged working hours in front of the computer, defects in eyes and heredity eye problems. Who is the person we generally visit, when we encounter such problems? Certainly, the answer is an ophthalmologist! Ophthalmologists are people, who are experts at diagnosing, identifying and treating eye problems and also suggesting preventive measures for a better eye care. As a career, ophthalmology has an excellent career outlook. With the ever-increasing need for better and effective patient care, medical jobs are estimated to increase in huge numbers and ophthalmology is not an exception to it! So join us, as we move on to know various details, such as ophthalmologist salary range, job description and educational requirements.

  Similarly, you should be able to accept, and even encourage, feedback from others. Listen to the feedback you are given, ask clarifying questions if you are unsure of the issue, and make efforts to implement the feedback.


Ophthalmologist Job Description
Ophthalmologists are trained eye experts, who are specialized in identifying and treating eye related problems. However, there is much more is included in their job description. Read on to know what is it.
The core job of an ophthalmologist is to diagnose and treat eye problems or eye disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, eye injuries, etc. in the patients.
Eye problems cannot be determined, just by looking into the patient's eyes. To identify problems, using the specialized eye equipment and devices, such as magnifying glasses, microscopes, etc. also forms an important part of the ophthalmologist's job description.
Prescribing appropriate treatments, such as use of contact lenses, medications or proper surgical operations to the patients.
Documenting cases, preparing and preserving medical records in order to refer cases in the future.
Providing tips, eye exercises and preventive measures for better eye care.
Preparing eye care developmental plans, in coordination with other ophthalmologists, for effective patient care.
Performing administrative work, such as managing day-to-day office supplies and patient appointments.
Ophthalmologist Educational Requirements
Becoming an ophthalmologist requires one to spend years of practice and study to gain an expertise over the subject and turn out to be a reputed specialist in the business. Once again, the journey to become an ophthalmologist is long and it starts from high school where you need to perform exceptionally well in science subjects. Further, you need to obtain an undergraduate degree and then move on to the next level of attending medical college for another four years. There are many colleges and universities that deal in imparting training and education in ophthalmology. The next mile is three years of training in ophthalmology in a hospital. Further, you are required to successfully complete various examinations in order to get licensed and certified. Post the residency program, it is necessary to clear examinations pertaining to individual specialty areas in ophthalmology. Apart from formal education, commitment towards patient care, understanding of patient problems and effective communication skills are some other pre-requisites for an ophthalmologist's job. Moreover, keeping in touch with latest updates and technologies in the field of ophthalmology is also important.

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Ophthalmologist Working Conditions and Career Outlook
Ophthalmologists work in clean and well ventilated environment. Most of the ophthalmologists opt for a private practice. However, some choose employment over private practice. Large health care organizations, hospitals, eye care camps, etc. recruit ophthalmologists on a large-scale. Considering the rate of expansion of the medical industry and the number of hospital openings in the future, the demand for ophthalmologists is certainly going to increase. This therefore ranks ophthalmology amongst the great career opportunities.


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