1)How old are Lucy and Lily? a. They're ten years old. b. They're eleven years old. c. Lucy is ten. d. Lily is eleven. 2)Why do they look the same? a. They go to the same school. b. Those clothes have the same colour. c. They are the same age. d. They're twins. 3)Do they like wearing the same clothes? a. Yes, they are. b. Yes.they do. c. No, they don't. d. No, they like. 4)Who is their teacher? a. Lucy. b. lily. c. Miss Jones. d. We don't know. 5)Can their teacher tell who's who? a. Yes, he can. b. No, he can't. c. Yes, she can. d. No. she can't. B. 词汇. 根据句意选择下列同(近)义词.并用其适当形式填空. 1. some a. I asked her for ink, but she didn't have . b. -Shall we stop and have tea now? -Great! c. Would you like to eat? 2. pay, spend, take, cost a. The dictionary me £20. b. I enjoy reading, but I can't much time on it. c. He likes the book but it too much. d. It me about half an hour to do these exercises yesterday. e. Did Sandy you for looking after her cats while she was away? 3. beat, win a.I'm sure our football team will the team from No.3 Middle School. b. If you this match, our team will theirs. 4. tell, speak, say, talk a. What did the manager you to at the meeting? b. -Will you please us a story, Miss Gao? -OK. But I can't Chinese. Shall I it in English? c. Look at these pictures. Let's about them. d. When she heard this news, she was too angry to a word. 5. few, a few, little, a little a. There are foreign students in that school. They are all from America. b. He often feels lonely because he knows people here. c. I think we must go and buy some pork. There is in the fridge. 6. so, such (a) a. He was tired that he couldn't go on working. b. Have you ever seen many pandas before? c. -Do they like him? -Yes, he's friendly man. 查看更多




Look at the picture. This is my family. My grandfather’s name is Nick Hand. My grandmother’s name is Mary Hand. My father’s name is Jim Hand. My mother’s name is Helen Hand. Jim and Helen are my parents. I have a sister. Her name is Kate Hand. My name is Tom Hand. I am ten, my sister is eight.


1.How old is Tom Hand?


2.Is Kate Tom’s sister?


3.Is Helen Hand his grandmother?


4.What’s his grandmother’s name?


5.Is Jim Hand his brother?




The train started moving. It was packed with people of all ages. Most of them were working men and women and young college boys and girls. Near the window sat an old man with his son, who looked about thirty years old.

As the train moved, the son was filled with joy because he was very excited at the scenery outside. He said in a high voice, “See Dad, the green trees and the scenery are very beautiful!” It made the other people feel very strange. Everyone started talking in a low voice about the old man’s son. Suddenly, it started raining. Raindrops fell on the travelers through the open window. Seeing the rain, the old man’s son said happily, “See Dad, how beautiful the rain is!” Hearing these words, a young lady became angry with the man, as the raindrops were dropping on her new clothes. She couldn’t help shouting at the noisy son and his father.

“Can’t you see it is raining? You! Old man! If your son is not feeling well, get him to a mental hospital quickly and please don’t disturb us any more!” The old man’s face turned slightly red and then in a low voice, he replied, “We are on the way back from hospital. He was blind at birth. Only last week he can see again. The rain and the nature are new to him. Please forgive him.” All the other people became quiet.

1.How old was the old man’s son?

A.About 7 years old.

B.About 20 years old.

C.About 50 years old.

D.About 30 years old.

2.What did people think of the son’s behavior(行为)? They thought he was _________.





3.What was wrong with the son when he was born?

A.He had mental illness.

B.He couldn’t see.

C.He couldn’t hear.

D.He couldn’t talk.

4.What do you think of the young lady?

A.She was friendly to the man.

B.She was rude to the old man.

C.She was clever.

D.She was too noisy.

5.According to the passage, what does the writer want to tell us?

A.We should be friendly to sick people.

B.We should learn to enjoy the nature.

C.We should respect the elder people.

D.We should know the truth before complaining.



Do you know London Zoo?  London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific (科学的) zoo.  It has a history of about 180 years. London Zoo has about 755 kinds of animals. There are lions, camels, giraffes, snakes, tigers, monkeys and many more. There is also an aquarium(水族馆)in the zoo. It has many kinds of fishes. London Zoo doesn’t open every day. It doesn’t open on December (十二月)25th.So do not go to visit it on that day. The zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm in winter and 5: 30 pm in spring, summer and autumn.


1.How old is London Zoo?_____________________________________________________

2.How many kinds of animals does London Zoo have?   ____________________________

3.Is there an aquarium in the zoo? _______________________________________________

4.Does London Zoo open every day?_____________________________________________

5.What time does the zoo open in winter?______ ________________________



Obama has made history by becoming the first African-American in American history.

Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His parents didn’t live together when he was two years old and later divorced. Obama grew up with his mother in Hawaii, and for a few years in Indonesia. Later, he moved to New York, where he graduated from Columbia University in 1983. Obama met his wife, Robinson, in June, 1989 and married her on October 3rd, 1992. The couple’s first daughter was born in 1998, followed by a second daughter in 2001.

Obama took office in January 20, 2009. However, just when he became the president, he had to face many serious challenges ---- two foreign wars, the climate change and what he had described as “the worst financial crisis (经济危机) in a century”. But Obama said that he himself had been ready to face these challenges.

Obama’s success is a true milestone. It speaks to the fact that in America you really do get a chance to do anything, if you have the talent and abilities and you work hard enough.

1.   How old was Obama when he became the American president?





2.   Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Obama grew up with his father in Hawaii.

B. Obama has two sons with Robison.

C. Obama is the first black president in the USA.

D. Columbia University is in Washington.

3.Obama’s success tells us that __________.

A.any black people can become the president

B.you can succeed if you are talented enough

C.everyone can succeed if he is lucky enough

D.a talented person can succeed if he works hard enough

4.   What does the underlined phrase “took office” in the third paragraph mean?





5.   According to the passage, Obama had to face the following challenges except for _____________.

A.the climate change

B.the financial crisis

C.the population problem

D.foreign wars




Ⅰ                          Ⅱ

1..How old are you?                 A. No, I don’t.

2..Welcome to Shanghai!             B. Thank you.

3. Can you spell “eraser”?            C. I’m thirteen.

4. Do you know Mike?              D.E-R-A-S-E-R.

5. How do you spell“eraser”?       E.Yes, e-r-a-s-e-r.