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A cancer-stricken British teenage girl said Thursday she had been moved by messages of support from around the world after writing an online “Bucket List” of things she wanted to do before dying.
Alice Pyne, l5, created an Internet blog in which she described her fight against a cancer of the white blood cells. “ I've been fighting cancer for almost four years and now l know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one,” she wrote.
For her list, the teenager took inspiration from the 2007 film “The Bucket List”, in which two terminally ill (患绝症的) men, played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, draw up a list of things they wish to do before they die.
On her list, at the site www. alicepyne. blogspot. com, she has included making everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor (骨髓捐赠者), swimming with sharks, meeting boy band Take That and getting a purple iPad computer.
Messages of support and offers of help quickly flooded her webpage and it became one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter.
“Oh dear and I thought that I was just doing a little blog for a few friends!” she wrote after her site attracted huge attention. “Thank you so much for all your lovely messages to me.”
Pyne, who lives with her family in the northwest English town of Ulverston, revealed (透露) the management of Take That had arranged for her to see the band after reading her blog. A group of local lawmakers have also joined forces with the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity to encourage people to join its stem cell register.

  1. 1.

    What happened after Alice Pyne wrote her“Bucket List”?

    1. A.
      The media called on people to help her.
    2. B.
      People sent gifts to her from all over the world.
    3. C.
      A lot of people offered to donate bone marrow to her.
    4. D.
      People around the world sent messages to support her.
  2. 2.

    Alice Pyne wrote her “Bucket List” to     .

    1. A.
      express her last few wishes
    2. B.
      say goodbye to a few friends
    3. C.
      give comfort to two terminally ill men
    4. D.
      catch people's attention
  3. 3.

    It can be inferred from the second paragraph that Alice Pyne       .

    1. A.
      is unaware of her own conditions
    2. B.
      is calm to know that death is approaching
    3. C.
      is very sad to know that she will die
    4. D.
      is still quite confident in fighting against cancer
  4. 4.

    Which of the following is NOT on Alice Pyne's “Bucket List”?

    1. A.
      To meet a boy.
    2. B.
      To get a cool computer.
    3. C.
      To swim with sharks.
    4. D.
      To ask people to donate bone marrow.
  5. 5.

    Take That will arrange to       .

    1. A.
      invite Pyne to join the band
    2. B.
      help Pyne in any possible way
    3. C.
      donate money to Pyne
    4. D.
      meet Pyne in person

科目:高中英语 来源: 题型:阅读理解

For years scientists have been worried about the effects of air pollution on the earth’s natural conditions. Some believe the air inside many houses may be more dangerous than the air outside. It may be one hundred times worse.

      Indoor air pollution can cause a person to feel tired, to suffer eye pain, headache and other problems. Some pollutants (污染物) can cause breathing disorders, diseases of blood and even cancer. Most scientists agree that every modern house has some kind of indoor pollution.

      People have paid more attention to the problem now. It is said that when builders began making houses and offices they did not waste energy. To do this they built buildings that limited the flow of air between inside and outside. They also began using man-made building materials. These materials are now known to let out harmful gases.

      As the problem became more serious, scientists began searching for a way to deal with it. They discovered a natural pollution control system for building--- green plants. Scientists do not really know how plants control air pollution. They believe that a plant’s leaves absorb or take in the pollutants. In exchange the plant lets out oxygen through its leaves and small organizations on its roots. Scientists suggest that all buildings should have one large plant or several small plants inside for every nine square metres of space. Studies of different plants show that each absorbs different chemicals. So the most effective way to clean the air is to use different kinds of plants. Having green plants inside your house can make it a prettier and more healthy place.

Some kind of indoor pollution can be found in ________.

     A. every modern house     B. every old house       

  C. all kinds of houses        D. all kinds of offices

The indoor air pollution is caused by ________.

A. the limit of the flow of air between inside and outside

B. the building way that the builders want to save energy

C. the building things that are made of man-made materials

D. the man-made building materials and the limit of air-flow

The reason why we should use different kinds of plants to clean the air is that ________.

A. plants can let out all kinds of pollutants indoors

B. plants may take in more oxygen which people need

C. plants can absorb all kinds of harmful indoor chemicals

D. plants can make our houses prettier 


科目:高中英语 来源: 题型:阅读理解

    Jim suffered heart problems. In conversation he expressed little joy and it seemed that his life was drawing to a close.

    When his heart problems led to operation, Jim went through it successfully, and a full recovery was expected. Within days, however, his heart was not beating properly. Jim was rushed back to operation, but nothing was found to explain the cause of his illness. He died on the operating table on the day before his 48th birthday.

    Dr. Bruce Smaller, a psychologist (心理学家), had had many conversations with him, and the more he learned, the stranger he realized Jim’s case was. When Jim was a child, his father, a teacher, suffered a heart attack and stayed home to recover. One morning Jim asked his father to look over his homework, promising to come home from school at noon to pick it up. His father agreed, but when Jim returned his father had died. Jim’s father was 48.

    “I think all his life Jim believed he killed his father,” Dr. Smoller says.“He felt that if he had not asked him to, too. at his homework,his father would have lived. Jim had been troubled by the idea. The operation was the trial(判决) he had expected for forty years.” Smoller believes that Jim willed himself not to live to the age of 48.

    Jim’s case shows the powerful role that attitude (态度) plays m physical health, and that childhood experiences produce far-reaching effect on the health of grown-ups. Although most cases are less direct than Jim’s, studies show that childhood events, besides genes, may well cause such midlife diseases as cancer, heart disease and mental illness.

59. Jim was sent back to operation because__________.

A. his heart didn’t work well                                    B. he expected a full recovery

C. his life was drawing to a close                              D. the first one wasn’t well performed

60. What made Dr. Smaller feel strange about Jim’s case?

A. Jim died at a young age.                                      B. Jim died on the operating table.

C. Both Jim and his father died of the same disease.   

D. Jim’s death is closely connected with his father’s.

61. From Smoller’s words, we can infer that__________.

A. Jim’s father cared little about his study           B. Smoller agreed that Jim did kill his father

C. Jim thought he would be punished some day   D. Smoller believed Jim wouldn’t live to the age of 48

62. Which of the following could have strong effect on one’s physical health according to the text?

a. One’s genes.

b. One’s life in childhood.

c. One’s physical education.

d. The date of one’s birthday.

e. The opinions one has about something.

A. a, b, d          B. a, b, e            C. a, c, e          D b, c, d


科目:高中英语 来源:2011年陕西省高一下学期期末考试英语题 题型:阅读理解

One genetic mutation(基因突变)occurs on average for every 15 cigarettes that a typical lung-cancer patient smokes, according to a study that has found for the first time all of the mutations happen during the lifetime of a cancer patient.

Scientists have completed a full genetic examinations of the genomes(基因组) of cancer patients, and hope the information will lead to a basic understanding of the causes of cancer—and possibly drugs and treatments—by making out the mutations that turn a healthy cell into a cancerous tumor cell.

 They studied a lung-cancer patient who had about 23,000 DNA mutations in his lung cells that were connected with exposure(暴露) to the toxins found in cigarette smoke and had built up over his lifetime.

They also looked at a patient with malignant melanoma(恶性黑色肿瘤), the most dangerous form of skin cancer, who had got 30,000 special mutations known to be connected with exposure to sunlight.

Scientists believe this new finding into the genetics of cancer will finally lead to new drugs and perfect treatments that aim at the specific changes to the gene that cause the disease, as well as new techniques for discovering following cancers that have escaped from treatment in other parts of the body.

“For the first time, we have a complete map of all mutations in a cancer cell,” said Dr. Peter Campbell, who led the Cancer Genome project to work out the whole DNA system of tumor cells in order find the mutations.

A similar method was performed on the cells of a patient with skin cancer, which is how the researchers were able to show that the malignant skin cells contained changes that resulted from exposure to light.

“These are the two main cancers in the developed world for which we know the chief exposure. For lung cancer it is cigarette smoke, and for malignant melanoma it is exposure to sunlight,” Professor Campbell said.

1.What can the genetic examination of the genomes of cancer patients be used for?

   A.To help the professors to win the Nobel Prizes.

   B.To advance the study of reason and cure of cancer.

   C.To make the medicine industries earn more money.

   D.To help the cancer patients reduce their pain.

2.The underlined word in the third paragraph can be placed by_____.

    A.smoke        B.sunlight      C.cell        D.poison

3.Which of the following statements is right according to the passage?

   A.The lung-cancer patient had 30,000 mutations in his lung cells.

   B.The genetics of cancer will finally lead to new drugs soon.

   C.It’s the first time that people mapped mutations in a cancer cell.

   D.Dr. Peter tries to invent a new drug with the DNA system.

4.What’s the similarity between malignant melanoma and skin cancer of patients?

   A.Their smoking too much in daily life.

   B.Their receiving too much sunshine.

   C.Their refusing to accept treatment.

   D.Their interest in travelling abroad.



科目:高中英语 来源:2010-2011学年广东省汕头市高三第一次模拟考试英语卷 题型:阅读理解

How can you find out what is going on inside a person’s body without opening the patient’s body up? Regular X rays can show a lot. CAT scans can show even more. They can give a complete view of body organs.

What is a CAT scan? CAT stands for a kind of machine. It is a special X-ray machine that gets a 360-degree picture of a small area of a patient’s body.

Doctors use X rays to study and determine diseases and injuries within the body, X rays can find a foreign object inside the body or take pictures of some inside organs to be X-rayed.

A CAT scanner, however, uses a group of X rays to give a cross-sectional(横截面)view of a specific part of the body. A fine group of X rays is scanned across the body and around the patient from many different directions. A computer studies the information from each direction and produces a clear cross-sectional picture on a screen. This picture is then photographed for later use. Several cross sections, taken one after another, can give clear “photos” of the entire body or of any body organs. The latest CAT scanners can even give clear pictures of active, moving organs, just as a fast-action camera can “stop the action”, giving clear pictures of what appears unclear to the eye. And because of the 360-degree pictures, CAT scans show clear and complete views of organs in a manner that was once only shown during operation or examination of a dead patient.

Frequent appearance before X rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body. Yet CAT scans actually don’t cause the patient to more radiation than regular X rays do. CAT scans can also be done without getting something harmful into the patient, so they are less risky than regular X rays.

CAT scans provide exact, detailed information. They can quickly find such a thing as bleeding inside the brain. They are helping to save lives.

1.What is NOT true of a CAT scan?

A.It is safer than regular X rays.

B.It makes use of computer techniques.

C.It can stop the action of an organ for a short time.

D.It gives clear pictures of active, moving body parts.

2.The underlined words “a foreign object”(Para 3)most probably refer to      .

A.a badly injured part inside the body

B.a new thing that is unknown to the doctor

C.a strange organ that has grown in the body

D.an object that gets inside the body by chance

3.What is the special use of the latest CAT scanners?

A.It provides clear photos of moving organs.

B.It can take 3-dimension(三维)pictures of inside organs.

C.It won’t cause serious skin burns, cancer or other damage to the body.

D.It helps to find out what is going on inside a person’s body without opening it up.

4.We can infer from this passage that      .

A.patients in front of CAT may suffer from a bit of radiation

B.doctors need no opening-up of the body with CAT scanners

C.CAT scanners are more expensive than regular X-ray machines

D.CAT scanners can take photos of either the whole body or a part of it

5.The best title of this passage might be        .

A.the Newest Medical Invention

B.New X-ray Machine to Save Lives

C.How to Avoid the Damage of X Rays

D.Advantages and Disadvantages of CAT Scanners




科目:高中英语 来源:2013届吉林省龙井市高二11月月考英语试题 题型:阅读理解

Doctors say anger can be an extremely damaging emotion, unless you learn how to deal with it. They warn that anger can lead to heart disease, stomach problems, headaches, emotional    probems and possibly cancer.

Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel from time to time. Some people express anger openly in a calm reasonable way. Other burst with anger, and scream and yell(咆哮).But other people keep their anger inside. They can not or will not express it. This is called repressing anger.

For years many doctors thought that repressing anger was more dangerous to a person's health than expressing it. They said that when a person is angry,the brain releases the same hor-mones(荷尔蒙).They speed the heart rate, raise blood pressure, or sugar into the blood, etc. In general the person feels excited and ready to act.

Some doctors say that both repressing and expressing anger can be dangerous. They believe that those who express anger violently may be more likely to develop heart disease, and they believe that those who keep their anger inside may face a greater danger of high blood pressure.

Doctors say the solution(解决办法) is learning how to deal with anger. They say the first step is to admit that you are angry and to recognize the real cause of the anger, then decide if the cause is serious enough to get angry about. If it is, they say,“Do not express your anger while angry. Wait until your anger has cooled down and you are able to express yourself calmly and reasonably.”

Doctors say that a good way to deal with anger is to find humor in the situation that has made you angry. They said that laughter is much healthier than anger.

1.“Damaging emotion” means that _________.

A. the emotion is harmless                 

B. the emotion is harmful

C. the feeling is very strong

D. the feeling is hard

2. What statement is right?

A. Were you angry, you would be cancered(得癌症).

B. Once you are angry, you must be cancered.

C. Angry as you are often, you can't be cancered.

D. Anger may cause you a cancer.

3. Expressing anger violently _________ repressing it according to some scientists.

A .is just the same as                     

B. is more harmful than

C. is no better than                           

D. is much better than

4.According to the author, you'd better _________.

A. never be angry                          

B. cool it down before you express it

C. laugh and laugh when you get angry          

D. admit you are wrong when you are angry