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5、There are two key elements to Nadal’s victories over Federer--speed and left-handed ground strokes.

       If tennis court surfaces get any faster, left-handed Rafeal Nadal, may eventually dominate(支配)right-handed Roger Federer, for the simple reason that left-handed sportsmen in general have naturally quicker reflexes(反应).

       French sports researchers, led by Dr. Guy Azemar, are convinced, after 15 years of experiments, that the growing domination of left-handers in tennis can no longer be put down to their unorthodox(非正统的)technique. They say that everything points to left-handers having several thousandths of a second more time to react.

       The researchers were struck by the disproportionate(不相称的) success of left-handers. Left-handers dominate at the top although 90 percent of people are right-handed. Of the world's200 top tennis players, 16 percent are left-handed but five of the top 20 and three of the top four are left-handers. Federer, therefore, is considered to be an exception--a right-hander who can make up with technique what he loses in reflex.

       Dr. Azemar is convinced that the advantage is explained by the way messages are carried from the brain. "We want to show that the sorts of information needed in sport-speed and direction of attack-are treated by the right-hand side of the brain which handles the organization of time and space," he said. "With left-handers the message is transmitted direct to the left-hand side of the brain first, the side which treats logic. Then it is passed to the other side causing a loss of thousandths of seconds. "

1.It is implied in the first two paragraphs that              .

       A.Nadal is a better player than Federer

       B.Nadal can play as well as Federer

       C.Federer has naturally quicker reflexes

       D.Nadal has naturally quicker reflexes

2.The increasing domination of left-handers in tennis                       .

       A.was once considered the result of unorthodox technique

       B.is possible after 15 years of experiments

       C.is due to their unorthodox technique

       D.can no longer be controlled

3.How many left-handers are there among the world's 200 best tennis players?

       A.16                      B.20                       C.32                      D.90

4.The author suggests, but does not directly say, that Federer wins because           .

       A.he uses right hand                                                               B.he is the best player

       C.he has quicker reflexes                         D.he has better technique


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4、The huge Florida wetland known as the Everglades is a slow-moving river 80 kilometers wide but only a few centimeters deep. People call the Everglades a “river of grass” because saw grass covers most of it. Saw grass is not really grass. It is a plant that has leaves edged with tiny sharp teeth that can easily cut through clothes--and skin!

       Travel in the Everglades is difficult. You cannot walk through shallow water because the saw grass will cut you. The water is too shallow for regular boats. So, we use an airboat. An airboat is a flat, open boat. Like an airplane, it has a big propeller to move it. The propeller is fixed on the rear of the boat. It makes a tremendous noise, but it does the job. The beat skims along the water's surface. Although we can still get lost in an airboat, at least we are above the alligators (短嘴鳄).

       While hundreds of different kinds of animals live in the Everglades, the most famous is surely the alligator. Once endangered, alligators are now protected within Everglades National Park. Visitors are likely to see them both on land and in water.

       For a long time, dangers have threatened the Everglades. Around 1900, some people felt this precious wetland should be drained(排干).They said it was just a big swamp and not good for anything. In the 1920s, there was a land boom in Florida. People wanted to build homes everywhere, including in the Everglades. They built canals, levees, and other water systems that stopped the rivers flowing into the Everglades. Factories were built near rivers that flowed into the wetland. These factories dumped poisonous waste that damaged the Everglades ecosystem.

       People are now working to preserve the Everglades National Park for the future. Right now, one big problem is the paper bark me. This tree is an invader from Australia.

       Paper bark trees soak up a lot of water. In the early 1900s, people brought them to Florida because they thought they would help drain the Everglades. However, the invaders adapted too well. Paper bark trees have taken over hundreds of thousands of acres of the Everglades and killed other trees. Scientists are cutting down these invaders or spraying them with herbicides to kill them.

1.Why is it difficult to travel in Everglades?

       A.Airboats may make a very big noise.

       B.You may get lost when passing through.

       C.Paper bark trees soak up too much water there.

       D.Many different kinds of animals are to be protected.

2.Why do people use airboats instead of normal boats?

       A.They have big propellers to move them faster than alligators.

       B.The propeller makes loud noise so as to scare alligators.

       C.Their fiat bottom can skim along the water surface.

       D.They can watch alligators without hurting them.

3.The following measures were taken to drain the Everglades except that people           .

       A.built canals and levees to stop the rivers flowing into Everglades

       B.built factories near rivers that flowed into the wetland

       C.brought Paper bark to soak up water in Everglades

       D.are cutting down these Paper bark trees.

4.The underlined word "invader" probably means something             .

       A.that moves in from another place

       B.that enters and takes control

       C.that has been brought in

       D.that is in danger


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3、Identifying which jobs put the most stress on American workers is, in itself, a risky business. Everyone knows, for example, that air-traffic controllers have more than their share of white-knuckle day. But stressful jobs are not equally stressful to all people. Some air-traffic controllers thrive on the flying circus. Their secret, says Suzane Ouellette, a psychologist at the City University of New York, is "hardiness", a balance of feeling committed, challenged and in control in the workplace.

       Then again, some professions are inarguably tough to take. Doctors, lawyers and police officers routinely top suicide lists. And some jobs are plain dangerous: miners have the highest job-fatality rate in the country. Less extreme but much more widespread are the psychological hazards that result from 10 years of corporate downsizing and having to keep up with the speed and volume of computers. Dr. Rupert. Burtan, a specialist in occupational medicine, says," Many workers have too much dumped on their desks and nor enough time in which to get it all done." That complaint is often made by secretaries, who also make most stressed-out lists.

       Jobs that attract idealistic types can sour(使人不愉快的) when the work seems to make little meaningful difference. Besides police officers and lawyers, inner-city teachers and journalists often fall into this category. Doctors, interns and nurses can, too, when the waves of the sick seem endless.

       Why the recent wave exhausts basketball coaches? Sports give them tremendous responsibilities but, ultimately, little control. Coaches can only coach; they can't actually run the plays. But if the team loses, they still get fired. Similarly, waiters and waitresses get stiffed on tips if the cook screws up.

       But experts say the toughest occupation may still be that of working mom. Many women who are bringing home the bacon are still expected to fry and serve it, too. '' There really are relatively few couples where child care and domestic work are truly shared," says Harriet Lerner, a psychologist at the Menninger Clinic. Even unemployed husbands do no more than 36percent of the housework. Now that's a study in high stress and high shame.

1.The example of air-traffic controllers is given in Para. 1 to show that             .

       A.it’s not easy to decide which jobs are stressful

       B.nobody wants to be an air-traffic controller

       C.they can easily succeed in their career

       D.their job is the most dangerous one

2.The underlined word “it” in Para. 2 refers to                 .

       A.the working time                                 B.the speed of computers

       C.the amount of work                             D.the size of computers

3.What makes working mothers have the toughest occupation?

       A.The housework only.                           B.The unhappy family life.

       C.The full-time job.                                 D.Their double roles.

4.It can be inferred from the passage that            .

       A.people often lose interest in their jobs

       B.people tend to choose wrong professions

       C.it is easy to find an ideal job in modern times

       D.the ideal jobs can turn stressful as well


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2、阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子例:We          (起床)before dawn. It was still dark outside.(get)

       答案: got up

1.           (多么好的天气)we are having these days!(nice)

2.John said he'd been working in the office for an hour,            (这是真的).(true)

3.Joe        (在看电视)when he suddenly heard someone breaking the window.(watch)

4.He didn’t want to give up the chance to travel;            (我也不想).(nor)

5.The fact      (他出生于)in 1953 is new to me. I didn’t know that he is in his fifties.(born)

6.I’ll show you a store in which you may buy all            (你所需要的).(need)

7.He woke up to find himself          (躺在地上). (lie)

8.Neither I nor my son        (起早床)on Sundays. We usually sleep till 12 at noon. (get)

9.My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he            (不可能参

       加)the meeting. (attend)

10.Don’t speak to someone with           (你眼睛却盯着) the others. (fix)


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参考词汇:三好学生Three Merits Students      透明transparency

Dear Jack,

       Recently we had a discussion about whether we should say goodbye to “Three Merits Students” tide, which has been an honor for primary and middle school students for five decades.



Li Hua


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注意: 1.词数120左右(文章开头已经给出,但不计入总词数);



Recently a survey entitled “Should museums be free to the public?” has been conducted to find out people’s attitudes towards this question________                                    











科目: 来源:gzyy 题型:



Need to lower your cholesterol(胆固醇)?We strongly recommend CholestrolblockTM. This really works, and now is the best time to buy,because of a special offer for the first 250 customers only for a limited time.

    * Takes cholesterol out of food,no matter what you eat.

    * Clinically demonstrated effective in university and hospital testing.

    * Lowers cholesterol absorption up to 42% or more.

* “NO SIDE EFFECTS unlike Liptor?, Zocor?,Crests?&other commonly prescribed(处方的) medications-safe and effective.

    * “Outsells all other brands on Internet every month.

LIMITED TIME ONLY一Try Cholesterol Watchers free with purchase.

1.If you happen to be the 200th customer to buy Cholesterolblock, you will          .

       A.be able to buy it at a low price               B.be the luckiest one online

       C.try it free of charge                              D.change your diet

2.Liptor?, Zocor?, Crestor? are         .

       A.diseases              B.side effects          C.medicines            D.cholesterol

3.CholestrolblockTM  has the following advantages EXCEPT that _____________________.

       A.it helps take cholesterol out of whatever food you eat.

       B.it has been proved useful in hospital testing.

       C.it helps people absorb at least 42% cholesterol.

       D.it sells best on Internet every month.

4.Where can you most probably read this passage?

    A.In a travel guide book.                          B.On a university bulletin board.

       C.In a health magazine.                            D.In a doctor's prescription.







(每空? 分,共? 分)




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27、— What    disappointment to see Liu Xiang quit his game in      29th Beijing Olympic Games!

一But I still support him.After all,he is in poor health.

A.不填;the          B.a;the           C.the;不填            D.the;the







(每空? 分,共? 分)




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26、Zhai Zhigang, ___________, walked in _______ space on Sept 27,2008.

A.an enough brave Chinese astronaut; the 

B.a Chinese brave enough astronaut ; /

C.a Chinese astronaut brave enough;  /  

D.a brave enough Chinese astronaut; the


科目: 来源:gzyy 题型:

25、The moving picture of a little boy of 5, ______ from the big earthquake , has been made _____ to all Chinese people for the boy’s saluting to the soldiers.

A.saved; to know                                     B.to save; knowing   

C.having been saved; know                 D.saved; known